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Nylon Tip Set / Grub Screws

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Nylon Tip Set / Grub Screws

What are Nylon Tip Set / Grub Screws ?

Socket Nylon Tip Set Screws, also commonly known as Nylon Tip Grub Screws, feature a protective Nylon point, which prevents damage to the target housing. Nylon Tipped Set Screws are ideal for applications which require a tight fixing, without marking the mating surface.

Nylon Tipped Screws are unique in their ability to match the shape of the mating component. A Nylon Tip Grub Screw can be used for fastenings against uneven or angled surfaces, as well as round shafts. Due to their elasticity, Nylon tips also can make these components self-locking. The Nylon insert also gives Accu's Nylon Tip Set Screws electrical insulating properties.

The hexagonal socket drive of these components allows them to be easily operated with Accu’s Hex Keys (commonly called Allen Keys) and Socket Drive Bits.

Stainless Steel Nylon Tip Set Screws

Accu's Socket Nylon Tip Grub Screws are manufactured from 304 Stainless Steel, with a self colour finish, and feature a Nylon insert. 

Metric Nylon Tip Grub Screws

Metric Nylon Tip Set Screws are available in diameters from M2 to M10, and lengths of between 4mm and 32.5mm.

Imperial Nylon Tip Grub Screws

Imperial Socket Nylon Tipped Set Screws are available in diameters ranging from No. 2 up to ½ inch, and lengths of between 5/32 inch and 1.1/8 inch. Both UNC and UNF thread types are available, and non-standard sizes can be manufactured to customer order.

Slotted Head Variant

Accu can also offer Slotted Head Nylon Tip Set Screws, which are functionally identical to Socket Nylon Tip Set Screws, but feature slotted drives, which can be installed using Flat Head Screwdrivers or Slotted Drive Bits.

Bespoke Nylon Tip Set / Grub Screws Manufacture

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Nylon Tip Set / Grub Screws to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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