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Torx Ribbed Countersunk Chipboard Screw

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Torx Ribbed Countersunk Chipboard Screw

What are Torx Ribbed Countersunk Chipboard Screw ?

A variant of our standard Torx Countersunk Chipboard Screws, fitted with external underhead milling ribs designed to aid installation and ensure fewer wood shavings are left on the surface. Featuring the popular Torx, or Star Drive, Torx Ribbed Countersunk Chipboard Screws benefit from increased cam-out resistance whilst being capable of higher torque transmission than traditional drives.

Countersunk Rib Head Screws like this are intended to be used within synthetic wooden boards, such as Chipboard and do not require a pilot hole for installation. The Countersunk Ribbed Head of the screw allows for the fastener to sit flush in the board, giving a smooth, clean finish.

This screw can be supplied either partially threaded, which can help with clamping strength, or in a fully threaded variant, suitable for applications where a full thread is required, such as for fastening thin pieces of metal to the Chipboard.

A self-drilling variant is also available in our range of Torx Ribbed Countersunk Chipboard Screws With Cutting Tip, designed to drive more easily into the material.


Ribbed Countersunk Chipboard Screws within this range are manufactured from either A2 Stainless Steel or Marine Grade Stainless Steel (316). Both A2 and A4 Stainless Steels can be supplied with a chemical black finish.


Our range of 6-Lobe (Torx) Ribbed Countersunk Chipboard Screws are available in thread diameters ranging from No. 6 (3.5mm) to No. 10 (5mm), with lengths from 0mm to 3.2mm.

Bespoke Torx Ribbed Countersunk Chipboard Screw Manufacture

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Torx Ribbed Countersunk Chipboard Screw to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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