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What’s The Best iFixit Toolkit For My Repairs?

The New UK ‘Right To Repair’ Law

July 2021 saw the UK take big strides in its efforts to extend the lifespan of consumer products, ranging from household appliances to electronic devices, with the introduction of new ‘right to repair’ legislation.

This new law is designed primarily to increase the longevity of devices, with manufacturers now being legally obligated to make sure spare parts are available for up to 10 years following the product being discontinued. The government is also aiming to tackle the problem of electronic waste, or e-waste as it is commonly known, as part of growing efforts to combat pollution and cutting the country’s carbon footprint.

Why Should You Choose iFixit Tools and Drive Bit Sets?

iFixit have quickly established themselves as a major player in the global fixing and right to repair communities since their formation in 2003. Whilst there are many manufacturers producing repair tools, fixing kits and drive bit sets designed for working on electronic and household appliances, it’s important to use the right tools for the job. High quality tools may be slightly more expensive, but they are generally produced to a higher standard than cheap tools and are often more comfortable and safer to use.

Confident in their products and their quality, iFixit offer a Lifetime Guarantee - stating that if something breaks, they will replace it. Accu customers can purchase iFixit tools and toolkits from our online store, with the assurance that the products are covered under this same lifetime warranty. Each of these iFixit toolkits contain a driver bit set that boasts a magnetised bit case, and features a built-in sorting tray designed to help segregate small components and prevent them from being lost during essential repairs and maintenance.

With this in mind - Accu want to help our customers choose the right iFixit Toolkit for their repair - so here's our review of the pro's and con's of our Top 6 iFixit Toolkits including the new Minnow & Moray Toolkits.

iFixit's Pro Tech Toolkit#1 - The Pro Tech Toolkit

iFixit’s flagship product is the Pro Tech Toolkit. Using their experience from hundreds of device teardowns and data acquired via thousands of repair manuals, the engineers at iFixit built their Pro Tech Toolkit to be the most effective, high-performance kit for all things repair.

Featuring a 64 steel screwdriver bit set for 99% of all screws used in electronic devices, high quality opening tools and an Anti-Static Wrist Strap, the Pro Tech Toolkit is the most popular repair toolkit by iFixit. Professional repairers and hobbyist DIYers alike have praised the kit for having all the essential components needed for fixing devices and it’s commonly referred to as a ‘must have’ for any household repairs

The Manta 112-Bit Driver Toolkit#2  - The Manta 112-Bit Driver Kit

With a huge 112 steel screwdriver bits, the Manta Drive Bit Set contains the most driver bits of any kit made by iFixit. With two premium driver handles, one for the 4mm driver bits and the other for the bigger ¼” drives, both of which feature magnetised bit sockets and comfy swivel tops, the Manta Kit is designed for fastening and removing almost every type of screw. 

The Mako 64-Bit Driver Toolkit#3 - The Mako 64-Bit Driver Kit

Recognisable as the same bit driver set contained in the Pro Tech Toolkit, the Mako 64 Bit Kit features a flexible extension for the knurled aluminium screwdriver handle, making it easier to carry out repairs in hard-to-reach places. This kit is designed to get you into most small household appliances, from games consoles to wearable tech to carry out your repairs. 

Manta 112-Bit Driver Kit#4 - The Mahi 48-Bit Driver Kit

When you need to repair bigger devices and appliances, the Mahi 48 Bit Kit is the perfect companion. The ¼” steel driver bits feature all of the standard screw drive types, from Phillips and Flat Head, to the less common Torx and Robertson. If you’re looking for tools which can handle more torque and tougher repairs, the Mahi Driver Bit Set should have everything you need. 

Moray 32-Bit Driver Kit#5 - The Moray 32-Bit Driver Kit

Engineered to provide a comprehensive range of standard bits for modern electronics repairs whilst maintaining portability, the Moray 32-Bit Driver Kit is small and compact, making it easy to carry around - even when storage space is limited. With an integrated Sim Eject Tool in the head of the Polymer screwdriver handle, the Moray Kit is ready for any emergency repairs to your devices. 

#6 - The Minnow 16-Bit Driver Kit#6 - The Minnow 16-Bit Driver Kit

The iFixit Minnow Drive Bit Set is their most compact toolkit to date, being smaller than most modern smartphones, which means it’s extremely portable. Featuring 16 of the most commonly needed driver bits for electronics repairs, The Minnow Kit is ideal for repairs on the go and at home and shows that high quality toolkits are available even on a tight budget.  

Fix Your Devices For Less With Accu’s Fixing Week Promotion

With our #FixingWeek promotion, the high quality repair tools manufactured by iFixit are available at an even more affordable price, at 10% off the regular price - but only for a limited time.

Each of the iFixit toolkits which contains a driver bit set boast a magnetised bit case, featuring a built-in sorting tray designed to help segregate small components and prevent them from being lost during essential repairs and maintenance.

Tell Us About Your Repair Projects

We’d love to see what you’re working on, whether it’s fixing your electronic devices or repairing household appliances, why not share a video or photo, tagging us on social media and use the hashtags #FixedWithAccu #FixingWeek

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