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High Quality Components For High Performance Prosthetic Hands

Using precision fasteners and assembly hardware from Accu, TASKA™ have proudly engineered the world’s first water-resistant, multi-articulating prosthetic hand, designed to restore ability and offer their users more control over daily tasks. In this short piece, we look at the story and the components behind the TASKA Hand’s success; making a real difference to the lives of their users.


The TASKA Hand: Using Innovation To Improve People’s Lives

 The TASKA Hand is designed to be robust and versatile“For us, innovation has never been about creating a piece of new technology – it is all about delivering real-life practicality that improves people’s lives” is one of the standout quotes from Mat Jury, Inventor & Director of TASKA.

TASKA Prosthetics are a New Zealand based prosthetics design and manufacturing business, who pride themselves on creating an innovative product born from a desire to improve people’s lives all day, every day. 

After breaking both of his arms in a mountain bike accident, Mat briefly experienced a glimpse into the everyday challenges faced by people living with a limb difference. As an engineer himself, he used this experience as motivation for a career change, working to ultimately invent the TASKA Hand.

This prosthetic hand drew on insights from experts, clinicians and users globally, with its unique design being engineered specifically to solve the issues that plagued all other myoelectric hands available on the market at that time; awkward usability, fragility and a lack of flexibility.

In developing an advanced prosthetic hand that is both robust and waterproof, they help their users to build confidence with the freedom to explore new possibilities. Their tagline ‘do more’ was specifically designed as a short, yet powerful message to reinforce this idea.


Embracing A Design-centric Approach To Building Prosthetic Hands

Accu's precision screws were chosen for the TASKA Hand owing to their consistent quality Design is the primary focus throughout TASKA Prosthetics, with everything they do being focused on their customers and ensuring that their products best serve the people they are created for.

Their design team thrive when faced with solving potential problems, sensitively exploring the challenges their users face, with compassionate consideration for high performance without compromising on the external aesthetics of the prosthetic hand. 

They are proud to have built a team of true industry leaders; experts in their respective fields who share a common desire to make a difference in people’s lives. 

“We try to see the world through the eyes of others. We work hard everyday to improve the quality of life of our users, and to enable them to live independent daily lives”, comments David Lovegrove, TASKA’s Head of Design.

“Design guides everything that we do. It reflects our empathetic approach, our inquisitive nature, and our ongoing quest to make the complex simple and the fragile more robust.”


Sourcing Quality Components For A Robust And High Performance Myoelectric Hand

The TASKA HandGen2 has an IP67 waterproof rating, with components withstanding submersion into waterWhen designing and developing the TASKA Hand, it was important that the team was able to procure fasteners and hardware that was easily accessible and made from high quality materials.

 “Our main challenges are often centred around minimising size and weight without compromising on robustness and functionality”, comments TASKA’s design team. “We use Machine Screws from Accu in sizes between M1.6 and M2.5, along with various general Assembly Hardware like Pins, E-Clips and Circlips.”

This necessitates the components used in the assembly of the prosthetic hand needing to be lightweight and durable, allowing for everyday use in a range of environments. The TASKA Hand has a waterproof rating of IP67, thanks to the development of their HydroSeal™ waterproofing technology, meaning that users can carry out everyday tasks without needing to cover their prosthetic hand with a glove. 

As one of the unique selling points of the accompanying Lamination Collar is it’s waterproof wrist connection, it’s imperative that the fasteners installed within the prosthetic hand itself are able to withstand submersion into water.

The TASKA Hand offers durability, meaning users can carry out heavy duty tasks with confidenceThe TASKA team chose to use Accu’s Stainless Steel Socket Cap Screws and Torx Countersunk Screws owing to their excellent corrosion resistance, commenting that “we use Accu as our preferred source for these components due to the wide range available in these small sizes, and their consistent quality”.

 The TASKA Hand is built to handle the rigours of everyday life, making it suitable for a number of manual jobs. This means it was also important for the designers to consider the effects of vibrations on the hand and how this might affect the operational life and integrity of the assembly. 

In response to these considerations, TASKA fitted their myoelectric hand with anti-vibration components from Accu, including M2 Nylon Locking Nuts and AccuLock Screws, which feature our pre-applied specialist anti-vibration patch. Both of these locking solutions help to prevent components from loosening as a result of harsh vibrations.

Additionally, their design team faced the challenge of building a wrist connection that was compatible with the existing industry standard, whilst simultaneously working to advance this old technology.


For over three decades Quick Disconnect technology remained virtually the same, however following feedback from their users, TASKA worked to create an improved QD wrist connection to offer improved life, greater flexibility and reliable release. 

You can see how the TASKA Quick Disconnect Wrist mechanism works in their demonstration video below:

Accu is proud to supply precision components used by TASKA Prosthetics in the design and production of their prosthetic hands and we would like to thank the team at TASKA for their help creating this article.