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Accu Supports Delivery Partners Providing Humanitarian Aid To Refugee Camps

Accu is proud to be supporting our delivery partners, providing humanitarian aid to the refugee camps on the Polish-Ukrainian border.

Over the weekend of the 11th-13th March, local drivers Will and Chris made the approximately 2800 mile (4500km) round trip, each driving a van packed full of equipment and supplies, to deliver humanitarian aid to the people currently living at refugee camps.

With a total fundraising cost of £3000 across the 2 vans they took, Accu has joined other businesses and people from the local community offering donations in support of the effort.

After making the journey, Will shared photos of the vans and the boxes of supplies they took on Instagram, commenting that he was “Absolutely blown away by the support and help to make this happen at extremely short notice”.

Plans have already started for their next run, alongside a number of other volunteers with the Hull to Ukraine crowd fundraising campaign. They are hoping to provide further humanitarian aid to people still fleeing the conflict, with Accu continuing to support this vital cause.