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Temple Cycles: The Bike That’s Built To Last

A breath of fresh air for the cycling industry, Temple Cycles bikes are built to last.

Using Accu fasteners and fixings, alongside other valued components from manufacturers across the world, Temple Cycles design, test and assemble vibrant and versatile bikes for every type of cyclist. 

By joining resilient vintage style with modern technology and engineering, this sustainably focused brand is an excellent example of engineers building the future.

The Bike That’s Designed to Become Vintage.

Growing up, Temple Cycles founder, Matt Mears spent countless hours cycling through the Somerset countryside and was inspired by the wonders of cycling.

While studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Bristol, Matt began repairing vintage bikes from the 1960s through to the 1980s, growing to admire their resilience, simple designs and dependability.  

He found it incredibly impressive that, despite their age, these classic bikes were able to be restored and reused.

Taking a look at the extensive range of modern bicycles, Matt also observed that finding a bike that does everything you need it to do can be a challenge. 

With many bikes available for many types of riders, it is not unlikely for new cyclists to feel overwhelmed, or for existing cyclists to meet uncertainty when searching for the perfect bike.

As a solution to this problem, Matt wanted to keep things simple. He believed that, with careful design and craftsmanship, he could create a fleet of bikes that are built to last, designed to become vintage and have the versatility to suit a range of cycling needs. 

Temple Cycles was launched in 2012, later moving to their Bristol workshop where they have been building, designing and developing their bikes ever since. 

In 2019 Temple Cycles opened their store in London. As an addition to their workshop, the London store allows curious shoppers and cycling enthusiasts alike to browse their range and try out their bikes in person.

Today, these vibrant vintage bikes are available in 5 different ranges, each specifically designed for all sorts of riding: theClassic, the Adventure Disc, the Step Through, the Metro and the Electric.  

Temple Cycles recognise that it is not the variety of bikes that matters, but making sure that each type of bike is perfectly designed for its intended use. 

Designing and Building A Temple Cycles Bike

Designing a bike that lasts a lifetime is not an easy task and, just like Accu, Temple Cycles are driven by quality, striving to make the best possible product they can.  

To achieve this perfect product, the team at Temple Cycles journey through a number of stages, from design and geometry through to prototyping and testing.

The first step in designing the bikes is to consider the purpose of the bike and who the bike is for. 

Whether it be a bike for town riding, road cycling or touring, the aim is to design the ideal bike for each and every customer.

Part of the design stage is selecting the best materials for the product. 

In order for their bikes to prevail through the tests of time, Temple Cycles works with specialist suppliers from all over the world to select the finest materials and components for their bikes.

One of those suppliers, we’re delighted to share, is Accu. 

“Accu’s M5 Bolts are used throughout the bike assembly, from mudguard assemblies, to rack mounts and bottle cage mounts. We use Accu as we consistently get a quality product, and the delivery options are quick and reliable.” - Dexter Robinson, Operations Manager for Temple Cycles

In the assembly of their bikes, Temple Cycles use a range of Accu components in A2 Stainless Steel, such as the Full Thread Cap Head Screws, Socket Button Screws and Flat Washers

A2 Stainless Steel is an ideal material choice for the components used in bike assemblies. With corrosion and oxidation resistance, A2 Stainless Steel will not be as easily impacted by poor weather conditions in comparison to other steel types.

As Temple Cycles bikes are designed to be used throughout the year, in countless weather conditions, A2 Stainless Steel components compliment the resilient design. 

This is especially the case for the Socket Button Screws which are used in the assembly of the mudguards, as components in this area are often exposed to wet weather conditions.

From a visual perspective, the Socket Button Screws are a great choice as the component can provide a clean and streamlined finish. Such is the case within the assembly of the Temple Cycles mudguards.

These components were also chosen due to their drive type. All Temple Cycles bikes are assembled using a range of Hex Keys and, as both the Full Thread Cap Head Screws and the Socket Button Screws are designed to be used with a Hex Key, they naturally fit into the design.

“It’s great that after years of use, the screws are still looking great. They are also easily removable and refittable for adding accessories.” - Dexter Robinson, Operations Manager for Temple Cycles

Producing a prime product is essential for Temple Cycles, from the core materials which make up the bike frame and attributes, all the way through tothe final branding and accessories.

Alongside Accu, Temple Cycles work with a number of local manufacturers, such as Reynolds - one of the oldest bicycle material companies, EQC, and independent cast pewter badge creator - Geoff Moorhouse.

In his early life, and still to this day, Reynolds steel frames have been Matt’s favourite bikes to ride. As a result, the frames used for Temple Cycles bikes are manufactured by Reynolds.

Steel is an incredibly versatile material; it forms a light frame that is tough and durable enough to endure many cycling uses. Therefore, it is the ideal material for a bike that is built to last. 

To achieve their signature vibrant tones, the bike frames are sent to EQC in Cardiff, where they are powder coated and given a protective finish. 

As a personal touch, Geoff Moorhouse combines incredible precision with distinct design to craft each Temple Cycles headbadge one at a time.

Each manufacturer and service provider plays a critical role inproviding an excellent quality bicycle. Working with trusted suppliers provides the Temple Cycles team with the assurance that their bikes are strong, lightweight and built to last a lifetime of use.  

“All bolts are required to be of good enough quality to hold various loads during use on the bike. Knowing that Accu’s fasteners are available with warranty and conformity certificates shows that they care and believe in their product. This is something we reflect at Temple Cycles, in offering lifetime warranties on our bike frames.” - Dexter Robinson, Operations Manager for Temple Cycles

All components and materials are brought together and hand assembled by the highly skilled core team in Bristol and, with that, the bike is ready to be sent to the customer.

For local customers, the Bristol workshop or London store are open for collection. 

Alternatively, for customers who are further afield, the bikes are shipped worldwide, accompanied by a clear and simple assembly guide. This includes,straightening and adjusting the handlebars which have been rotated for ease of delivery, installing the front wheel, saddle and pedals. 

Pedalling Towards a Greener Future

It is no surprise that cycling is one of the most sustainable ways to get around. Unfortunately, the UKs infrastructure is not yet equipped to make cycling as safe and easy as it should be. 

Nevertheless, Temple Cycles aims to make cycling as accessible as it can be for each and every cyclist.

A Bike For Life

Juxtaposing the throw away, upgrade culture of modern mainstream cycling, Temple Cycles build bikes that are designed to become vintage. 

As a result, sustainability is at the core of what they do. Whether that be choosing trusted manufacturers or strong materials, each step of the bike building process involves producing products in a sustainable way. 

Steel for example, as earlier discussed, is a strong and versatile material chosen by Temple Cycles due to the longevity and comfort that it offers in comparison to other popular bike frame materials, such as aluminium or carbon fibre.

Making significant efforts to reduce waste within their industry, Temple Cycles have managed to build a product that is durable enough to last a long time without negating any other integral cycling features, such as comfort or ease of use. 

With spare parts readily available to purchase and a Lifetime Warranty covering their bikes, customers can trust that they are receiving a quality product that is theirs to enjoy for years and years to come. 

The bikes are also built with components that are universally serviceable. So wherever you are, you can maintain your bike and replace parts to get it back up and on the go. 

As a breath of fresh air for the cycling industry, Temple Cycles are making a great impact building bikes that are designed to stay with you.

Choosing The Ideal Bike

From the busy streets of Manchester to the rough and tumble Yorkshire Moors, choosing the right bike is essential to inspire riders to get out and about on their two wheels. 

Choosing the ideal bike can be daunting, and, at times this decision can stand in between a customer and the pursuit of any bike at all.  

Dedicated to inspiring the love of cycling, Temple Cycles aims to solve this problem with a range of features which make their bike selection process more accessible. 

First of all, Temple Cycles bikes are built to be versatile with a range of components to suit different riders. 

For online customers, there is a ‘Find my bike quiz’, allowing riders to answer a selection of questions resulting in a recommendation from their range of vintage bikes. 

Alternatively, by heading to ‘Ask an expert’, online customers can reach out for the best advice from the team. 

Local customers are able to head into the Bristol Workshop or London store to get the same advice in person. 

Whether a customer is an urban rider or a countryside rider, the hassle free bike selection process aims to inspire more people to take up cycling, with the assurance that their bike is a perfect fit. 

Inspiring The Love Of Cycling

Temple Cycles are always on the lookout for creative ways to inspire the love of cycling.

On a path to encourage more journeys to be taken by bike, they have done an excellent job of bringing people together through the enriching experience of cycling. Not to mention the great impact this can have on the environment. 

For Temple Cycles, it’s all about being accessible.

Some customers are avid riders with a passion for touring, where others might not have picked up a bike for years. 

Sharing a balance of daring adventures through the Algarve mixed with insightful guides for city riders, all cyclists can be part of the community. 

This thinking inspired their range, Temple Electric, the vibrant fleet of E Bikes powered by mid-drive motors.  

Temple Cycles consider electric bikes to be a fundamental part of the future. Electric bikes are an excellent, sustainable, alternative to driving and they also make cycling significantly more accessible by catering to a wider range of riding capabilities and criteria. 

From countryside adventures to work commutes, Temple Electric bikes are designed to offer a helping hand to those who want to make the switch. 

There are many reasons to choose an electric bike, they offer extra support for all challenges of terrain and provide assistance with longer distance routes. As a result, E bikes are an excellent way to inspire the love of cycling further afield. 

Another way that Temple Cycles do this is by hosting a range of in person cycling events. 

Temple Campout, for example, is an event where riders with a range of experience come together for a weekend of cycling on a selection of road and gravel routes. 

They also host group cycling meetups, where riders can push themselves out of their comfort zone and have a go at cycling with others.

To help with the cost of purchasing a bike, Temple Cycles accept all major cycle schemes. These schemes are designed to spread the cost of a bike making them more affordable, acting as a great incentive for employees who want to take up cycling. 

By maximising the impact of their products rather than endorsing the throw away culture of today's consumerism, Temple Cycles are using modern engineering to carve a sustainable future for cycling. 

They are doing an excellent job of inspiring others and improving lives through the joys of two wheeled adventures and Accu are incredibly proud to support such companies building the future.