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Accu Forms Partnership With University of Strathclyde Motorsport

Accu is proud to announce a new partnership with University of Strathclyde Motorsport for 2023.

Competing for over 20 years in the Formula Student UK competition, held annually at Silverstone, USM is a well-established student motorsport team.

Involving students from a range of disciplines, the USM team pride themselves on innovation and continual improvement year-on-year.

With the aims of developing and nurturing engineering skills in a real world environment, each year the team designs and builds a single-seater race car.

Commenting on their plans for the next competition, Daniel Trickett (Head of Sponsorship at USM) said “after many years of success with a combustion vehicle, we recently debuted our first electric powered race car USM21 at the IMechE Formula Student UK Competition in 2022.”

The team has trusted Accu’s high quality fasteners for several years, having used them throughout the manufacture and assembly of their cars and in many critical applications. The team is keen to explore other components and integrate these into their latest project. 

In approaching Accu for sponsorship ahead of FSUK 2023, Daniel added “Accu’s support will help in the development of over 250 young engineers who actively engage in our project. Our team has produced many top engineers who pass directly into Formula 1, and we would like to continue our proud history with the help of Accu.”