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Accu Partners With FSUK 2022 Champions UGRacing

Who Are UGRacing?

Founded in 2005, UGRacing is the University of Glasgow’s Formula Student Team, made up of over one hundred highly motivated and talented students currently studying degrees ranging from Law, Digital Media and Business to Physics, Computer Science and, of course, Engineering.

UGRacing designs and builds their own racing cars to compete in the iMechE Formula Student UK competition, with the team being crowned overall winners in the 2022 event.

As an entirely student run team, with multiple degree disciplines shaping the organisation, UGRacing is proud to be shaping the engineers of the future. Working within the team offers the students the foremost opportunity at the University of Glasgow to gain industry-style experience they can take into their careers.

How Will Accu Be Supporting UGRacing?

For the 2022-23 season, the team will be delivering 3 separate entries into the Formula Student Competition, with the aim of finishing inside the top 5 in all categories. 

UGRacing are fully focused on the electric vehicle entry, as well as furthering their driverless software development & presenting a ‘design-only’ EV-ADS concept vehicle.

They will aim to design and manufacture the team’s first actuation systems, working towards the long-term goal of a fully driverless vehicle in the future.

To achieve these goals, it’s important for the team to work with recognised suppliers and manufacturers within the industry, for components they can rely on when developing these innovative design concepts and moving forward with production.

On their decision to form a new partnership with Accu, Lucas Blair, Head of Manufacturing, explained:
“We chose to partner with Accu for many reasons. With UGRacing being such a diverse team of students from all backgrounds and degree courses, we found that the accessibility of Accu’s website and their customer service was fantastic.”

Finding the right components quickly and easily, whilst still having detailed information readily available for their engineers, was a decisive factor in securing Accu as a supplier moving forward.

Finding The Precision Components To Build A Fully Electric Race Car

With UGRacing aiming to make their manufacturing processes as efficient as possible, there is a need for accurate and reliable data on the components that make up their single seater vehicle.

This is why the team chose Accu - for a fast and simple way to ensure the highest quality fasteners will be used to design and build their car.

On utilising Accu’s library of 3D models Lucas mentioned that “having free access to CAD models for Accu’s components is invaluable to our design and manufacture processes, allowing our full car CAD to be as detailed as possible. This is then used during the car build to keep track of every nut and bolt.”

Jordan Pitt, UGRacing’s Technical Advisor, added “Accu have great availability on high tensile bolts (12.9 grade) which are used everywhere on the car. Their reliable data is extremely useful for the engineers when they are designing parts for assembly, leading to seamless integration and helping us save time.”

From Electric Prototype To Competition Ready Race Car

“We will be taking last year’s electric prototype and developing it into a competition ready race car to take to Silverstone in July. As we finalise designs and begin manufacturing of the vehicle, the support we have received from Accu puts us in good stead to achieve our goals this year”, highlights Monica Bancewicz, Head of Partnerships.

Following their huge success winning Formula Student 2022, the move to fully electric is a big challenge - but one that the team are ready for. UGRacing are confident of remaining competitive whilst simultaneously delivering a safe and reliable car.

With the FSUK competition heading in an electric and sustainable direction, Team Principal Jamie Clarke clarifies “We’ve carried out two years of research before making this decision [to build a fully electric vehicle]. Ultimately, to keep in line with the automotive industry, as well as Glasgow as a city, we wanted to head in the same direction.”

Accu is proud to be supporting the University of Glasgow’s Formula Student team, helping the young engineers of the future to develop their skills in Europe’s most established educational motorsport engineering competition.