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Accu Joins Make UK The Manufacturers’ Organisation

Accu are pleased to announce that we are now members of Make UK.

Representing the UK’s manufacturing industry, Make UK offers a wide range of support services including networking events, industry insights and fantastic opportunities for training and development.

Whether it’s aerospace, electronics or food and drink, Make UK dedicates its efforts to fight for British manufacturing, representing many organisations across the country. 

Working closely with both the government and other policymakers, Make UK aims to promote the interests of the sector to drive sustainable innovation and growth.

This new partnership represents a significant milestone for Accu, as we continue to grow and strengthen our position within the industry. 

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver both high-quality components and award winning service. Nevertheless, we are always looking to learn and innovate to find ways that we can improve our processes. 

By becoming members of Make UK, we can access a wealth of knowledge and expertise from other members of the organisation, including some of the UK's most forward-thinking and successful manufacturing companies.

This brings great opportunities for learning, allowing Accu to stay up to date on the best practices in engineering, ensuring that we are always at the forefront of innovation.

Speaking of which, we are excited to attend the Manufacturing & Engineering Week in June 2023, an event supported by Make UK that showcases all aspects of engineering; from design all the way through to manufacturing and maintenance.

It certainly is an exciting time here at Accu and we are confident that our membership with Make UK will be instrumental in helping us to achieve our goals and delivering even greater value to our customers.