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Accu Partners With Sheffield Hallam University Formula Student Team

Who Are SHU Racing?

SHU Racing is the Formula Student team at Sheffield Hallam University, made up of nearly 100 team members across a wide range of degrees, such as Mechanical Engineering, Digital Media and Physics. SHU Racing designs, builds and races their own single-seater race car to compete in the IMechE Formula Student UK competition each year.

Our team is entirely student run, with 7 department managers leading our team across all parts of the team. We’re really grateful for the time that each team member gives, but we also hope to help them improve and gain experience; Findley Scrivener, our Project Manager and Aerodynamics Lead has run CFD tutorials for members of the team to gain experience beyond their courses.

SHU Racing and Accu

The Accu logo displayed on SHU Racing's car, built using Accu fastenersFor the FSUK 2023, SHU Racing will be entering with the intention of building upon our 19th placed finish in 2022. Our aim is to finish in the top 10 for the first time in our team’s history.

To achieve ambitious goals such as this, it’s crucial that we work with a range of excellent partners and sponsors for components we can rely upon when looking to create a performance vehicle to incredible precision using fasteners from Accu.

On the new partnership with Accu, Findley Scrivener said: “It’s a fantastic opportunity for us to expand our network and gain valuable insight from the industry experts at Accu. Their accessibility and customer service are exactly what we were looking for when finding a partner for fasteners.”

Having access to the right components with a short lead time is critical to success, as is having drawings or datasheets for each component. These were the driving factors in securing Accu as a supplier for this and future seasons.

SR13 Car Launch

On Sunday 2nd July we finally unveiled the SHU Racing SR13, with a group of sponsors, technical staff, team members, friends and family there to see the launch of the new car. We’re really excited that Formula Student is just 2 weeks away. Hopefully it will be a positive end to what has been a great year.

Learn More About SHU Racing

Accu would like to thank George Foot (Lead Driver's Environment Engineer and Chief Financial Officer) and Findley Scrivener (Project Manager and Lead Aerodynamicist) from the SHU Racing team for their contributions to this article.

Want to learn more about the team? Check out their website here:

You can also follow the team on Instagram, for more updates on their Formula Student journey and the engineering behind the build of their car, SHU Racing SR13.