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How Do Engineers Fuel Their Day? Our Survey Reveals Their Coffee Habits

In the high-stakes, fast-paced world of engineering, attention to detail, critical thinking and sustained focus are not just buzzwords - they’re prerequisites for success.

Given the demands of the industry, it's only natural to wonder how engineers manage to stay at the top of their game. What fuels these intricate problem solvers and trailblazers? The answer might just lie in how they consume their coffee…

Our recent survey, "How Do Engineers Like Their Coffee?", sought to uncover the coffee habits of engineers from a range of backgrounds and fields. Our intent is not just to uncover personal preferences, but to delve into what these habits reveal about productivity, work-life balance and the mindset of today’s engineering professionals. Could the way an engineer takes their coffee serve as a microcosm of their approach to work? Could it, perhaps, even offer insights into optimising performance and enhancing work satisfaction?

Through an exploration of the key takeaways from this survey, we aim to give you a well-rounded understanding of how the engineering community leans on this popular brew. From the frequency of consumption and timing, to the perceived degree of ‘dependency’ and choice of roast, we’ll unravel the nuanced relationship engineers have with their caffeinated cuppa.

So, whether you're a seasoned engineer looking to see where you fit in or a curious observer, keep reading for intriguing perspectives that blend science, lifestyle, and how far engineers will go for the perfect brew. Stay tuned for a stimulating discussion.


Welcome to the intersection of engineering and espresso. Let's get brewing!

Coffee Beans

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Section 1: Frequency of Consumption

In our exploration of how engineers fuel their day, we start by examining the frequency of coffee consumption. Our survey reveals that 61% of engineers prefer moderate coffee consumption; drinking either 1 (24%) or 2 (37%) cups daily. This aligns with the psychological optimal arousal theory, which suggests that there is an ideal level of stimulus - neither too much nor too little - that maximises productivity and focus. This "Goldilocks Zone" of caffeine intake appears to be intuitively targeted by engineers, known for their precision and focus.

This moderate consumption is also likely a calibrated response to work demands. After all, Engineering is a multifaceted field with diverse cognitive and physical requirements. The choice to consume 1 or 2 cups could be influenced by the nature of their work - whether it’s mentally taxing or physically demanding. In essence, engineers seem to adjust their caffeine levels in a balanced way to meet their professional demands, pointing towards a strategic approach to fueling their day.

Overall, the frequency of coffee consumption among engineers serves as an insightful lens into how they manage productivity, focus and their workload. It also aligns with the UK norm of 2 cups per day which is an interesting fact.

Survey Results Showing Answers to “How Many Cups of Coffee Do You Drink a Day?”

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Section 2: The Early Bird Gets the Brew

Next, we found our survey reveals a compelling trend: a dominant 66% of engineers prefer to have their first cup of coffee between 06:00 and 10:00. This suggests that the early morning is the critical window for caffeine consumption among engineers, but also aligns with the findings from Nescafe who cite that 9AM is most common. The timing appears to be strategically synchronised with both biological and professional factors.

From a biological perspective, consuming coffee during the early morning aligns with peak cortisol levels, potentially enhancing the effectiveness of caffeine through a concept known as chronopharmacology.

On the professional side, early morning coffee seems to align with the commencement of the workday, setting the stage for heightened alertness and focus - traits indispensable to the engineering field. This practice may serve as a ritualistic marker, efficiently transitioning engineers from personal to professional time and sharpening their cognitive abilities for intricate problem-solving tasks ahead.

Survey Results Showing Answers to “When Do You Typically Drink Your Coffee?”

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Section 3: The Dependency Variable

When it comes to coffee dependency among engineers, our survey uncovers a complex landscape. Only 15% see it as an absolute necessity, whereas almost half (46%) rely on it "quite heavily," and 30% adopt a more relaxed stance. This highlights a layered relationship with coffee that goes beyond mere habit; it seems to function as a cognitive tool for a substantial number of engineers.

In precision-driven fields like engineering, where mental agility is crucial, coffee seems to serve as a reliable enhancer for focus and problem-solving. 

Adding another layer is the psychological attachment to coffee. For some engineers, the brew serves as a ritual or mental anchor, lending stability and routine to an often unpredictable workday.

Survey Results Showing Answers to “How Much Do You Rely on Coffee To Get You Through the Day?”

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Section 4: Productivity and Coffee - A Balanced Equation

Business owners listen up! Our survey offers valuable insights into how engineers perceive the impact of coffee on their productivity. While a mere 26% believe they would be "just as productive" without coffee, the significant majority (74%) feel they would be either “very unproductive” or "quite productive but not at their best”. 

This data props up the conventional narrative that coffee is an indispensable boost to productivity, especially for engineers. 

The fact that only a quarter of respondents feel equally productive without coffee raises the question of how productive an engineering workplace could be with the right blend of beans. Perhaps our Accu blend can lead the way in fuelling engineering workplace productivity?

Survey Results Showing Answers to “How Productive Would You Be Without Coffee?”

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Section 5: The Brew Blueprint - Coffee Types and Preferences

If there is one takeaway that we find fascinating about our survey results, it’s the distinct preferences among engineers for different types of coffee, each offering insights into their work values.

A huge 50% majority prefer using fresh beans, emphasising a commitment to quality and craftsmanship, attributes highly revered in engineering. This suggests that for many engineers, making coffee is not just about the end result but also about the integrity of the process. It also is a huge variance from the norm as surveyed by Nescafe who report that 73% of coffee prepared at home is instant! We’d argue the chance of that figure being even higher at work is more than plausible. 

Alternatively, those choosing pod machines (14%) or pre-ground coffee (25%) may be optimising for a balance between quality and efficiency. This indicates a pragmatic approach to coffee-making, akin to engineering projects where deadlines and deliverables are paramount.

The minority of 11% opting for instant coffee reflects a purely functional approach. In this case, speed trumps other considerations, much like certain engineering scenarios that require quick, albeit not optimal, solutions.

Amazingly, the type of coffee preferred by engineers appears to be a microcosm of their professional principles. Whether it's the dedication to quality seen in fresh bean aficionados or the pragmatism of those using pod or pre-ground coffee, each choice mirrors critical engineering values like quality, efficiency, and functionality.

Survey Results Showing Answers to “When Making Your Coffee, What Type Do You Use?”

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Section 6: The Roast Spectrum - Depth and Complexity in Choices

Interestingly, the data on coffee roasts provide another dimension to understanding engineers' preferences and, by extension, their professional inclinations. A majority 71% of engineers prefer medium to medium/dark roasts, suggesting a balanced approach that resonates with engineering principles focused on equilibrium. Dark roasts, preferred by 15%, are indicative of a desire for depth and intensity - traits often needed for solving complex engineering problems.

On the other end of the spectrum, the 14% who favour light roasts could be interpreted as valuing nuance and complexity, possibly reflecting their focus on specialised engineering tasks requiring attention to detail.

The big picture is the choices in coffee roasts appear to parallel engineers’ professional philosophies. Medium roasts point to a balanced approach, darker roasts to a preference for complexity and intensity, and light roasts to a penchant for nuance and detail. Each choice in roast seems to act as a proxy for the varying principles and challenges that engineers encounter in their work, making the selection of coffee roasts possibly more than just a flavour preference, but a mirror reflecting their professional values.

Survey Results Showing Answers to “What Is Your Preferred Level of Coffee Roast?”

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The Engineering of Coffee - More than Just a Cup

Our comprehensive survey on engineers and their coffee preferences offers a unique, flavourful lens through which to better understand this community. From the number of cups consumed to the type and roast of coffee chosen, each aspect serves as a revealing proxy for the values and principles that engineers hold dear - balance, efficiency, quality, and complexity.

This goes beyond mere caffeine consumption; it’s an intricate blend of psychology and sociology, rendered in the medium of coffee. What at first seems like a simple beverage, reveals itself as a microcosm of engineering culture. The results suggest that coffee is not just an energy booster but a ritualistic tool for productivity, a signifier of quality, and a token of the complexities and nuances that are integral to the engineering mindset.

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Elevate Your Engineering With Our Custom Coffee Roast

So, why settle for a one-size-fits-all cup when you can have a brew that's engineered for you? We invite you to learn more about our custom coffee roast designed exclusively for engineers in collaboration with Bean Brothers.

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This unique blend takes into account the intricate relationship engineers have with their coffee, focusing on the qualities that you value most - precision, balance, and depth. In terms of coffee bean vocabulary - over 50% of you should understand - we’re talking hints of Chocolate, Hazelnut and Red Berries.

Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your coffee experience to the level of artistry that matches your professional expertise and discover how our custom roast can fuel both your day and your ingenuity.

Cheers to a better cup and an even better day of engineering!

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