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Celebrating Small Business Saturday: Accu's Support for Local Gems

As the festive season approaches and many of us begin the copious task of Christmas shopping, we would like to highlight an annual initiative that truly fosters community spirit. 

Small Business Saturday offers a shared opportunity for everyone across the UK to demonstrate unwavering support for the heart and soul of our communities - our small, local businesses.

This Saturday, Accu proudly shines a spotlight on the remarkable small businesses of Holme Valley that hold a special place in our hearts. 

Bean Brothers: The Coffee Crafting Pros

One local gem, beloved by Accu, is Huddersfield-based coffee roaster, Bean Brothers, founded by two brothers who are driven by a mutual passion for specialty coffee.

For years Accu has proudly sourced plentiful amounts of freshly roasted coffee from Bean Brothers and - in fact - we have recently collaborated with them on our very own coffee blend, Grounds For Innovation

Bean Brothers graciously led us through an extensive tasting session, expertly guiding us in the process of crafting the ultimate coffee for engineers. This custom blend now powers the coffee machines across our company and it is marvellous!

Richard Walker, Accu's Organic Acquisition Manager, expressed his delight, "Unashamedly a bit of a coffee snob, I was over the moon when I joined Accu to find out they use Bean Brothers as a supplier. Not only are they a local small business, but they're damn good at roasting some amazing beans and winning awards for their craft too. 

“When Accu decided to head down the rabbit hole to produce our own roast, there wasn't a second guess for who we wanted to work with. James and the team at Bean Brothers are renowned for not only producing great coffee but for being humble about it too."

Dive deeper into the journey of crafting Grounds For Innovation in our article, here - Coffee Engineering: How Far Our Engineers Go For An Out-Of-This-World Espresso

Alexanders Sandwiches: A Brockholes Breakfast Favourite 

For a delightful start to the day, Accu turns to Alexander's Sandwiches, a local sandwich shop nestled in Brockholes. 

This charming eatery has become an Accu favourite, offering a pick-me-up that perfectly kick-starts the day. 

Albert Balkartat, Application Engineer at Accu, shared his enthusiasm for Alexanders, emphasising its role as the go-to breakfast spot. “Alexanders is great for all our Breakfast & Lunching needs, always on hand to brighten any rainy morning or make an occasion special. No better start than one with a Bacon and Egg Butty.”

Learn more about Alexander's Sandwiches on their Facebook page: Alexander’s Sandwiches - Brockholes

Taylors Food Store: Where Culinary Delight Meets Local Sourcing

When it comes to satisfying culinary cravings, Taylors Food Store stands out as a top choice.

This Honley-based food store boasts a delightful locally sourced menu. Tony McGrath, Marketing Projects Manager at Accu, highlights Taylors as a brilliant dinner destination with a diverse menu that caters to all tastes.

“It’s difficult not to go out for dinner when you have so many great sandwich shops on your doorstep. Taylors is brilliant, with locally sourced meats and pies from Huddersfield's best farm shops and an endless list of sandwich options made to order what's not to love!

"Not only is it a brilliant dinner destination, the shop is always well stocked and has everything you could ever ask for from your local store.”

Fell Promotions: Elevating The Accu Brand 

Based in Huddersfield, Fell Promotions are a dynamic team specialising in promotional clothing through print and embroidery. Their expertise and attention to detail will play a crucial role in ensuring Accu maintains a sharp and polished appearance in our branded clothing.

As we eagerly embrace our new fresh and colourful brand identity, the collaboration with Fell Promotions becomes more than a partnership; it's the next exciting chapter in our journey. Fell’s commitment to quality aligns perfectly with Accu, creating a dynamic partnership that we are sure will not only meet but exceed expectations. 

Check out Fell Promotions on their Facebook page: Fell Promotions

Small Business Saturday: Show Some Local Love

Small Business Saturday reminds us to show support to the small businesses that shape the soul of our communities. Accu, whilst having an expansive global reach, remains deeply rooted in Holme Valley with a steadfast commitment to our local community. 

From coffee connoisseurs to sandwich aficionados, these local gems play an integral role in our day-to-day life at Accu. And guess what? Huddersfield is brimming with many more awesome small businesses just like them.

Why not discover the small businesses in your local area? The Small Business Finder is a valuable resource.

Learn more about the Small Business Saturday and find out how you can show your support on their website: Small Business Saturday