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Let's Go Huddersfield - Accu receives Recommended Business award

We're delighted to announce that Accu has been distinguished as a ‘Recommended Business’ by Let’s Go Huddersfield.

Since our formation in 2012, Accu has experienced a phenomenal journey of growth. During that time, we’re proud to have significantly contributed to Huddersfield's economy, with our team of over 100 people providing a world class service to our customers.

With our global clientele spanning some of the largest companies in the world, including more than 50% of the top manufacturers, we’re proud to say that our components have impacted billions - helping engineers and innovators bring their ideas to life.
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Global Growth Starts With A People-First Approach

But our success isn't just measured in numbers; it's also about our people too. We firmly believe that a happy and motivated team is key to achieving greatness. That's why we recently implemented a 4-day work week for all of our team members. This initiative not only enhances work-life balance but also fuels our business growth by boosting productivity and employee well-being.

This latest recognition from the team at Let’s Go Huddersfield solidifies our commitment to supporting not only our team members in and around our local area, but the community we’re proud to be a part of.

With our global HQ move from Honley to Brockholes just around the corner, Accu’s commitment to Huddersfield extends beyond our internal operations. Our recent revival of the Brockholes Carnival - a long-standing tradition within the village we’re soon to call home - is a testament to our passion for driving local community engagement and economic development.

Plenty of locals turned out for Brockfest 2023 - sponsored by Accu

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Who Are Let’s Go Huddersfield?

Let’s Go Huddersfield ( has a mission to showcase the positive aspects of Huddersfield, and has been instrumental in recognising our contributions to the local economy.

Accu is honoured to receive this acknowledgment as a Recommended Business within the West Yorkshire area and we’d like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to for their tireless efforts in promoting the best of our community.