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Girls In Engineering - AccuDreamJob Winners Shine in Authority Magazine Q&A

Accu is thrilled to celebrate the accomplishments of Nida Anis and Grace Newman, two exceptional female engineers and AccuDreamJob winners recently featured in articles on through their Authority Magazine.

The Q&A articles highlight their experiences and insights into increasing girls' participation in engineering and robotics; a mission Accu proudly shares. They also offer deep insight on their pathways into engineering and how being female in a traditionally male-dominated field played a part.

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Nida Anis: Trailblazing in Motorsport Engineering

Nida Anis, at just 19 years old, has made significant strides in motorsport engineering, a field historically dominated by men. Her journey, which began with a robotics competition and led her to work with teams across Europe and Asia, exemplifies her pioneering spirit and passion to succeed within the field.

Nida’s story underscores her commitment to promoting women’s involvement in motorsport and engineering through her co-founded platform, Asian Motorsport.

Nida believes in the power of hands-on experience and mentorship to inspire young girls, suggesting exposure to real-world engineering environments, like factory tours and student competitions such as the AccuDreamJob, can spark interest and foster a sense of possibility.

Her proactive approach to creating opportunities for women in motorsport through initiatives such as the  F1 in Schools programme, highlights her belief in the necessity for pathways to increasing female participation in the field.

Read Nida’s Full Q&A

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Grace Newman: Aspiring to Engineer Formula 1 Success

Grace Newman’s passion for motorsport engineering shines brightly as she aims to make her mark in Formula 1. Currently an undergraduate student at Loughborough University, Grace’s initial fascination with engineering began with childhood projects and evolved through her educational journey, which included experiences like the hands-on experience with the Oxford Brookes Racing team offered by the AccuDreamJob.

Grace is deeply involved in initiatives such as Extreme E and Stemettes Futures, where she advocates for more girls in STEM. Her article discusses the barriers young women face, such as self-doubt and lack of visibility in the field.

Grace emphasises the importance of STEM enrichment activities, barrier-free outreach by engineering companies and the presence of inspiring role models to encourage more girls to pursue engineering and robotics.

Read Grace’s Full Q&A

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Accu's Commitment to Empowering Young Engineers

Accu is deeply committed to recognising the potential of young talents like Nida & Grace and actively works to create platforms for their growth and visibility. By partnering with journals such as Authority Magazine, Accu helps amplify the voices of young women in engineering, aligning with our mission to break down barriers and foster inclusivity in technical fields.

Both articles by Nida Anis and Grace Newman are rich with personal insights, experiences and actionable advice for increasing female participation in engineering. We encourage our readers to delve into these inspiring stories to learn more about their journeys and the impactful suggestions they offer.

Accu continues supporting and promoting initiatives that provide young engineers exposure and development opportunities through the Accu Scholarship. These efforts aim to inspire the next generation of engineers, ensuring they have the platforms and support to succeed.

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