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Nut Setter / Hex Socket Bits.

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Nut Setter / Hex Socket Bits

What are Nut Setter / Hex Socket Bits?

Wera Nut Setters, also referred to as Hex Socket Screwdriver Bits, are designed to be used in conjunction with a power tool to fasten and remove Hexagon Head Screws, such as a Self Drilling Flanged Hexagon Bolt or a Coach Bolt.

Hex Nutsetters are commonly used for driving lag bolts and in assembly work. Each is fitted with a ¼” Hexagon drive, sometimes known as a Hex Shank, meaning they can be used with drill chucks and electric screwdrivers.

Accu’s Nut Setter range features a non-magnetic design, which helps to prevent the problem of metal filings being attracted to the driver tool, causing an improper fit with the drive of the screw.

Stainless Steel Nut Setter With Retaining Spring.

Along with the standard Steel Hex Socket Bit, Accu can also supply Wera Nut Setters with a Retaining Spring, manufactured from Stainless Steel. These bits help hold fasteners more securely during installation, being particularly useful for fastening screws with differing head heights and with reduced access. The Retaining Spring also helps to ensure that if a nut is inserted into the tool, it won’t fall out.


All of Accu’s Hexagon Nut Setters are manufactured by Wera, featuring their non-magnetic design to prevent attraction of unwanted metal fillings, ensuring optimal engagement with the screw head.

The Retaining Spring Nut Setter is produced from vacuum ice hardened Stainless Steel to prevent the potential for extraneous rust.


Nut Driver Setters are available in Metric sizes ranging from 5.5mm to 13mm and in Imperial sizes from ¼” to 7/16”.

Nut Setters with a Retaining Spring are available in Metric sizes ranging from 7mm to 13mm and in an Imperial size of ⅜”.

Hex Socket Driver Sizes.

For metric sizes below 5.5mm, please see our Kraftform Micro ESD Nut Setter / Hex Socket Screwdrivers.

Bespoke Nut Setter / Hex Socket Bits Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Nut Setter / Hex Socket Bits to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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