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Connector Nuts.

Connector Nuts

What are Connector Nuts?

Connector Nuts, also identified as a Coupling Nut or Joint Connector Nut, are vital components in precision engineering applications. Designed with an elongated hexagonal or cylindrical body and a continuous internally threaded core, Connector Nuts are conceived for securely joining two components with externally threaded ends. Primarily found in manufacturing, automotive, and industrial sectors, they are indispensable for facilitating threaded continuity and maintaining structural integrity.

How A Coupling Nut Works.

The operational principle of a coupling nut is founded on its unique structure. Equipped with internal threading throughout their length, they accommodate externally threaded components, such as Threaded Rods or Bolts, at both ends. By screwing the threaded parts into the Coupling Nut, a robust and resilient joint is created. Additionally, the distinct design of Connecting Nuts allows them to function as adjustable Spacers, effectively defining the distance between the interconnected components while sustaining their axial alignment.

What Materials Are Joint Connector Nuts Made From?.

Durability and resistance against wear are essential characteristics of Connecting Nuts, dictating the choice of material for their construction. Accu's range of Joint Connector Nuts is fashioned from Nylon, Peek, Brass, A2 and A4 Stainless Steel, delivering exceptional strength for load-bearing applications. Additionally, the Stainless Steel variants offer added benefits of corrosion resistance, making them apt for applications exposed to corrosive elements or high humidity. Furthermore, Connector Nuts made from Brass and Nylon provide benefits of lightweight and enhanced corrosion resistance respectively, meeting specific application requirements.

What Coupling Nut Sizes and Types Are Available?.

At Accu, our selection of Connector Nuts is extensive, encompassing diverse sizes, thread types, and pitches to meet varying application demands. Our Coupling Nut sizes range from small M2 Connector Nuts suitable for intricate applications to larger M20 variants ideal for heavy-duty tasks. Additionally, we supply both cylindrical and hexagonal bodies for applications requiring differing aesthetics or increased torque transmission.


Q: What are coupling nuts used for?.

A: Coupling Nuts are versatile components used primarily to join two externally threaded parts, providing threaded continuity. Due to their unique structure, they can also function as adjustable Spacers in assemblies, effectively managing the distance and alignment between the interconnected components.

Q: What does a coupling nut do?.

A: A Coupling Nut plays a pivotal role in securing a robust joint between two threaded components. It provides structural stability and can withstand considerable load, making it a key component in construction, automotive, and industrial applications.

Q: How are coupling nuts measured?.

A: Coupling Nuts are measured by their interior thread diameter, pitch, and overall length. The thread diameter and pitch should correspond with the threaded components intended for connection. The length of the Coupling Nut is determined by the requirements of the application, with a longer threaded section providing a more robust connection over a greater length.

Q: Does Accu offer high-strength connector nuts?.

A: Yes, Accu provides a variety of high-strength Connector Nuts, primarily made from A4 Stainless Steel. These are designed to withstand substantial stress, making them suitable for load-bearing applications.

Q: Can I use threaded rod connecting nuts in corrosive environments?.

A: Yes, connector nuts made from A4 Stainless Steel or Nylon exhibit excellent resistance against corrosion, making them suitable for applications in outdoor, high-moisture, or corrosive environments.

Bespoke Connector Nuts Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Connector Nuts to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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