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Imperial Acorn Nuts.

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Imperial Acorn Nuts

What are Imperial Acorn Nuts?

Imperial Acorn Nuts, often referred to as acorn nuts or cap nuts, are advanced fastening components designed with a closed end in a dome shape that encapsulates the end of a threaded rod or machine screw. They adhere to the Imperial measurement system, denoted by fractions or decimals of an inch, making them suitable for specific applications predominantly found in industries like aerospace, automotive, and precision engineering.

How Imperial Acorn Nuts Work.

Imperial Acorn Nuts operate by engaging onto the external thread of a bolt or a threaded rod, forming a secure interlocking connection. The dome or cap of the nut goes beyond the thread, providing a protective barrier against exposure to environmental factors and potential damage. This makes them particularly useful in applications where the end of a fastener may be exposed to traffic, potential contact, or where a finished aesthetic is required. The rounded dome also prevents injury or snagging that could occur from exposed threads.

What Material Are Imperial Acorn Nuts Made From?.

In the pursuit of longevity and superior performance, Imperial Acorn Nuts from Accu are crafted from Stainless Steel, specifically the 304 (A2) and 316 (A4) grades. The A2 Stainless Steel offers balanced affordability and corrosion resistance, ideal for general-purpose applications. For more demanding conditions, our A4 marine-grade steel provides superior resistance against harsh chemicals, making it an optimal choice for marine or industrial environments.

What Size and Types of Imperial Acorn Nuts Are Available?.

Imperial Acorn Nuts at Accu are available in a comprehensive spectrum of sizes, spanning from 1/2-13 for intricate, precision assemblies, right up to 12-24 for more substantial, robust applications.

One standout feature we offer is the AccuBlack finish - a unique matte black finishing option. AccuBlack is not merely a visual enhancement; it's an advanced coating process that provides increased corrosion resistance alongside its stylish aesthetic appeal. Ideal for applications where reflections need to be minimised or a stealthy look is required, AccuBlack also lends an additional layer of protection against harsh environmental conditions, boosting the durability of your fasteners. This feature is particularly relevant in the electronics, theatrical equipment, and high-end automotive industries, where both function and form are crucial.


Q: Why should I opt for Imperial Acorn Nuts over traditional nuts?.

A: Besides providing a secure fastening, Imperial Acorn Nuts offer an extra degree of safety by covering the end of the threaded fastener, preventing accidental injury from exposed threads. They also contribute to a refined aesthetic finish.

Q: Are these nuts suitable for use in corrosive environments?.

A: Absolutely. Our stainless steel Imperial Acorn Nuts have outstanding corrosion resistance, making them ideal for use in challenging environments, including marine and chemical processing industries.

Q: What tooling is needed to install these nuts?.

A: To install Imperial Acorn Nuts, a spanner or socket set that matches the across-flats dimension of the nut is required. The use of appropriate tooling ensures maximum contact with the nut, reducing the risk of rounding off.

Q: How do I select the appropriate size of Imperial Dome Nut for my project?.

A: Size selection should be based on the diameter and thread pitch of the fastener you're working with. It's also crucial to consider the load requirements and desired aesthetic finish of your assembly.

Q: Is there a minimum order requirement for Imperial Acorn Nuts?.

A: No, Accu believes in catering to every customer's needs, regardless of the order size. You can order as little as one Imperial Dome Nut or place a bulk order as per your project requirements.

Bespoke Imperial Acorn Nuts Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Imperial Acorn Nuts to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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