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Reducing Bushes.

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Reducing Bushes

What are Reducing Bushes?

Reducing bushes, also known as pipe bushing reducers, are essential components in maintaining threaded piping assemblies. These cylindrical adapters feature threads on both their inner and outer surfaces, allowing them to seamlessly connect pipes of various sizes or components of differing sizes.

Typically, a reducing bushing will have a larger outer thread and a smaller inner thread. This design enables it to reduce the thread size from a larger bore to a smaller one, facilitating compatibility and secure connections between varied components.

How Pipe Reducing Bushes Work.

Reducer bushings are invaluable in various scenarios, particularly where there is a need to transition between different thread sizes in piping systems or machinery.

For instance, in the aerospace industry, reducing bushes are used to connect hydraulic lines of different diameters, ensuring tight seals and preventing leaks. In automotive applications, they help in linking parts of the engine and transmission systems that have incompatible thread sizes.

By providing a stable and secure fit, threaded bushing reducers can ensure the efficient flow of pipes and components without compromising the integrity of the system. This adaptability makes reducing bushes indispensable across industries such as plumbing, electrical installation, HVAC and manufacturing.

What Material Reducer Bushings Are Made From.

Accu's range of threaded reducer bushings is crafted from high-quality materials such as brass and polyamide, each offering distinct advantages.

Brass reducing bushes are highly durable, resistant to corrosion, and capable of withstanding high temperatures, making them ideal for heavy-duty applications in harsh environments. Polyamide, a type of high-performance plastic, offers excellent resistance to wear and chemicals, making polyamide bushes perfect for use in environments where metal components might corrode or fail due to chemical exposure.

The choice of material depends on the specific requirements of the application, ensuring that each bushing performs optimally under its designated conditions.

Size & Types Available.

At Accu, we provide a wide range of reducing bushes to meet your diverse engineering needs with thread sizes from M12 to M50 and lengths from 8mm to 12mm. For those requiring specific finishes, we offer custom manufacture options, allowing for precise tailoring of reducer bushings to meet exact project specifications. This flexibility ensures Accu has the solution to enhance your project's efficiency and reliability.


What is the function of a reducing bush?.

Our reducer bushings connect components or pipes with different thread sizes. They have a larger outer thread and a smaller inner thread, allowing installation into a tapped thread to "step-down" the thread size.

How to install a reducing bush?.

First, select the correct size to match the thread sizes of both components needing to be installed. Clean the threads of both components. Apply thread sealant or PTFE tape to the outer threads of metal-reducing bushes like brass. Insert the larger end into the larger threaded component and tighten it securely. Then, screw the smaller threaded component into the inner threads. Finally, check for any loose fittings.

What is the difference between a reducer and a coupling?.

A reducer connects pipes or components of different diameters, changing the size of the thread from larger to smaller. A coupling connects two pipes or components of the same diameter, maintaining a uniform size throughout. Reducers adapt and reduce size, while couplings join components of the same size.

Bushing vs. reducer?.

Bushings are sleeves or liners that reduce friction and wear inside a mechanical component, focusing on support without necessarily changing size. Reducers change the diameter or thread size between two components. A reducing bush (reducer bushing) combines these functions, providing a secure fit between different thread sizes while maintaining structural integrity.

Bespoke Reducing Bushes Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Reducing Bushes to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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