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Imperial Low Cap Head Screws.

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Imperial Low Cap Head Screws

What are Imperial Low Cap Head Screws?

Imperial Low Cap Head Screws are fundamental components crafted with a high degree of precision, predominantly used in numerous stringent engineering applications. These screws feature a distinctive low cap head, a socket hex drive to transfer torque, and are furnished with an Imperial (inch-based) threading system, ensuring secure and flush couplings in your assemblies. 'Imperial' references the non-metric system of measurement, primarily adopted in the United States and other specific engineering niches.

How Imperial Low Cap Head Screws Work.

Imperial Low Cap Head Screws operate by interacting with a congruous Imperial threaded element - typically a nut or an internally threaded hole. The specialised low cap head of these screws boasts a diminished profile compared to traditional screws. This design characteristic allows them to integrate seamlessly within your assembly, optimising aerodynamic properties and minimising potential interference in high-velocity machinery applications. Moreover, the design promotes balanced stress distribution across the threads, mitigating the risk of premature failure or wear.

What Material Are Imperial Low Cap Head Screws Made From?.

To uphold the integrity of your assemblies under diverse operational conditions, our Imperial Low Cap Head Screws are meticulously fabricated from A2 stainless steel. This material has been chosen for its excellent strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance, and all-around durability, allowing these screws to withstand demanding environments while retaining their mechanical properties.

In addition to the standard A2 stainless steel finish, Accu offers a distinctive black finish for our range of Imperial Low Cap Head Screws. This feature is made possible through our exclusive AccuBlack service, providing a sleek, visually appealing finish that minimises light reflections. It's an excellent choice for applications where aesthetic integration with other black components is critical, or in optical applications where glare reduction is necessary.

For those applications requiring added security, Accu also provides thread-locking solutions to help mitigate against screw loosening due to vibrations or thermal expansion. The thread-locking feature introduces a pre-applied adhesive patch to the screw threads, which, once tightened into place, solidifies and substantially reduces the risk of self-loosening over time.

What Size and Types of Imperial Low Cap Head Screws Are Available?.

Imperial Low Cap Head Screws from Accu are available in a wide gamut of sizes to cater to various precision engineering requirements. They are provided in thread sizes from diminutive 1/4-20 threads suitable for intricate precision instruments, all the way up to larger 10-32 sizes intended for heavy-duty mechanical applications. As for length, our range spans from 1/4 inch up to 2 inch long and everything in between.

Regarding the drive types, we offer hex or Allen key drive options, ensuring compatibility with standard tooling and facilitating efficient assembly and disassembly processes.

For alternative design features to serve distinct assembly needs, explore our range of Imperial Socket Head Cap Screws and Imperial Button Head Screws.


Q: What unique advantages do Imperial Low Cap Head Screws offer over standard screws?.

A: The low-profile cap head design of these screws provides a sleek and flush fit, making them perfect for assemblies where reduced drag or non-protrusion is crucial. The Imperial threads facilitate compatibility with established American and specialised engineering systems.

Q: Can these screws be used in outdoor or harsh environments?.

A: Yes. Made from A2 stainless steel, these screws possess inherent corrosion resistance, making them a suitable choice for applications in outdoor or harsh environments.

Q: What specific tools are needed to install these screws?.

A: For installation of these screws, you will require a hex wrench or an Allen key, matching the size of the screw's drive.

Q: How can I select the appropriate screw size for my application?.

A: Choosing the correct screw size involves considering various factors such as the type of materials being joined, the load expected on the screw, and the dimensions of the pre-tapped holes or nuts in the assembly.

Q: Is there a minimum order quantity for these screws?.

A: At Accu, we prioritise your needs. Whether you require a single screw for a small project or a bulk order for large-scale operations, we can accommodate your specific requirements.

Bespoke Imperial Low Cap Head Screws Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Imperial Low Cap Head Screws to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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