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Torx Head Set / Grub Screws.

Torx Head Set / Grub Screws

What are Torx Head Set / Grub Screws?

Our torx grub screws are a rare type of fastener that you may not realize the importance of until you use them in precision engineering. These particular set/grub screws are characterised by their torx drive type, a design that champions high torque while mitigating the risk of cam-out.

Torx head grub screws are optimised for fastening applications where they can be recessed into an assembly. Their unique geometry makes them indispensable in scenarios demanding precision and resilience, such as aerospace, medical instruments, and automotive systems.

How Torx Grub Screws Work.

The operation of a torx grub screw hinges on its engagement with a threaded hole or a mating part. The torx head design allows for better surface contact with the driver, enabling a high level of torque application without damaging the screw or tool.

In addition, the absence of a protruding head makes these torx grub screws ideal for flush or recessed fittings such as gearing, where a smooth external surface is desired. Their design enables a secure, vibration-resistant connection, a quality that can be further enhanced with our AccuLock thread-locking patching application.

What Material Torx Grub Screws Are Made From.

Crafted to stand the test of time, our torx grub screws are constructed from A2 Stainless Steel, a material lauded for its strength and corrosion resistance. To suit specific stealth aesthetic or application needs, we offer an additional AccuBlack chemical blackening finish for a non-reflective, corrosion-resistant surface should you need to blend in with a blacked-out assembly.

What Size and Type Torx Grub Screws Are Available.

Catering for a broad range of engineering applications, we offer torx grub screws in sizes ranging from M3 to M6 in metric measurements. We also offer a range of tip types starting with flat point torx grub screws and wish to expand upon these offerings as we continue to meet customer demands.

So, whether it's an intricate electronics project requiring minute torx grub screw dimensions or a heavy-duty construction task, Accu has you covered.


Q: Why should I opt for torx grub screws over regular socket head grub screws?.

A: Torx grub screws offer superior torque control and a reduced risk of tool wear, making them the go-to choice for applications that require precision and durability over socket head grub screws.

Q: Can torx grub screws withstand chemical environments?.

A: Yes, being made of A2 Stainless Steel, our torx grub screws offer excellent resistance to corrosion, even in chemically aggressive settings.

Q: What tool do I need to install torx grub screws?.

A: You'll need a torx driver for the installation, offering better grip and higher torque compared to regular hex socket keys.

Q: How do I know the right torx grub screw size for my project?.

A: Choosing the appropriate size involves considering the material thickness, the size of the pre-tapped holes, and the load requirements. We offer sizes from M3 (3mm) to M6 (6mm) to meet diverse thread sizes. If you need anything larger or smaller, don't forget, we can custom manufacture any type of fixing you need.

Q: Does Accu offer any additional finishes for torx grub screws?.

A: Yes, we offer AccuBlack chemical blackening for enhanced corrosion resistance and AccuLock thread locking for securing the screws in high-vibration applications.

Bespoke Torx Head Set / Grub Screws Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Torx Head Set / Grub Screws to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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