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Imperial Ultra Low Head Slotted Shoulder Screws.

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Imperial Ultra Low Head Slotted Shoulder Screws

What are Imperial Ultra Low Head Slotted Shoulder Screws?

Imperial Ultra Low Head Slotted Shoulder Screws are meticulously designed fasteners optimised for precision assembly tasks, especially within restricted spatial environments. Notably, they possess a minimised slotted head profile coupled with an extended shoulder directly beneath the head, attributes that facilitate a near-flush fitment post-installation. The screws also include a traditional slotted drive, which allows for precise control during the torque application process. They form a vital subset within Accu's comprehensive range of Precision Screws, serving specific industry needs with their unique design characteristics.

How Imperial Ultra Low Head Slotted Shoulder Screws Work.

The operational efficiency of Imperial Ultra Low Head Slotted Shoulder Screws is driven by their unique design features. The ultra-low head profile and the extended shoulder enable these fasteners to nestle within pre-drilled imperial recesses in a workpiece, producing a surface that is mostly free of protrusions. The slotted drive offers technicians a high degree of control over torque, minimising the chances of accidental overtightening and subsequent thread damage. These screws are thus an essential resource in applications where precision is paramount, including intricate electronic assembly tasks and high-density mechanical systems.

What Material Are Imperial Ultra Low Head Slotted Shoulder Screws Made From?.

Accu's Imperial Ultra Low Head Slotted Shoulder Screws are crafted from A4 Marine Grade Stainless Steel. This high-quality, austenitic stainless steel variant is known for its remarkable resistance to corrosion, especially in challenging environments like marine, chemical, and coastal settings. Beyond its inherent material characteristics, these screws can also be tailored with additional finishes like AccuBlack, providing a durable, non-reflective matte black finish, and Thread Locking Patches, which are pre-applied adhesives designed to prevent spontaneous screw loosening in scenarios of persistent vibrational stress.

What Size and Type Imperial Ultra Low Head Slotted Shoulder Screws Are Available?.

In alignment with Accu's commitment to diverse and customisable offerings, our Imperial Ultra Low Head Slotted Shoulder Screws come in a spectrum of sizes, from the smallest thread size of No. 2 to the largest of No. 10, with shoulder lengths from 1/8 inch to 1 inch and shoulder diameters from 3/34 to 1/4 inch.

These screws belong to the broader family of Shoulder Screws, which further provides users with a host of options in terms of head designs and drive types, facilitating a comprehensive selection based on specific application requirements.


Q: How does the ultra-low head profile in these screws improve their functionality?.

A: The reduced head profile of Imperial Ultra Low Head Slotted Shoulder Screws enables them to be used in high-density assembly operations, providing a near-flush fitment which minimises spatial interference. This makes these screws particularly advantageous for compact and intricate mechanical or electronic systems.

Q: Do these screws possess substantial corrosion resistance?.

A: Yes, these screws are fabricated from A4 Marine Grade Stainless Steel, a material renowned for its superior resistance to corrosion, including resilience against chloride-induced corrosion which is common in marine and coastal applications.

Q: What is the correct tool for the installation of these screws?.

A: The slotted drive design of these screws necessitates a flat-head screwdriver or bit for a successful installation. It is crucial to ensure the tool is of the appropriate size to maintain the integrity of the screw drive during installation.

Q: How can I determine the appropriate screw size for my project?.

A: The choice of screw size hinges on multiple factors, such as the workpiece's thickness, the load-bearing requirements, and the diameter of the pre-tapped holes or imperial nuts. Our technical team at Accu is always ready to assist in this selection process.

Q: Can I purchase a small quantity of Imperial Ultra Low Head Slotted Shoulder Screws from Accu?.

A: Yes, Accu caters to orders of all sizes. We facilitate the purchase of as few as one unit to thousands of units, ensuring flexible solutions for a diverse range of project scales.

Bespoke Imperial Ultra Low Head Slotted Shoulder Screws Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Imperial Ultra Low Head Slotted Shoulder Screws to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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