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Slotted Screws.

Slotted Screws

What are Slotted Screws?

Slotted screws, historically the first mass-produced form of screws, exhibit a simplistic yet versatile design featuring a single linear slot along the head's diameter. Owing to their straightforward design, the robust slotted head screw enjoys widespread use in various applications, especially within precision engineering environments where ease of use and manual adjustability are paramount.

How Slotted Screws Work.

The operating mechanism of slot-headed screws is underpinned by an interaction between their linear head slot and a compatible tool, traditionally a flat-blade screwdriver. When the tool is inserted into the head slot and rotated, it imparts a torsional force to the screw, driving it into or out of a mating thread, which could be an internal thread within a nut or a pre-tapped hole. The simplicity and universality of this mechanism bestow upon slotted screws an invaluable advantage, offering excellent torque control and adaptability to varying fastening needs.

What Material Slotted Screws Are Made From.

Accu's range of slot-headed screws are manufactured from a variety of high-strength materials to ensure longevity and functional resilience. The use of stainless steel, in A2 and A4 marine grade varieties, endows the screws with excellent corrosion resistance, making them suitable for challenging environments.

Additionally, Nylon-made slotted screws offer anti-magnetic and low friction properties, ideal for sensitive electronic components.

For aesthetic demands and low friction requirements, brass slotted screws offer a classical appeal coupled with robust performance. The selection of material is intrinsically linked to application-specific demands, considering factors like corrosive environment resistance, load-bearing capacity, and aesthetic requirements.

What Size and Type Of Slotted Head Screw Are Available?.

To cater to a broad spectrum of engineering applications, Accu provides a comprehensive array of slotted screw sizes and types. Our range extends from precision M0.5 slotted screws, designed for intricate micro-assembly tasks, to the robust M16 variants, tailored for high-load applications. We offer both Imperial and Metric Slotted Screws, ensuring compatibility with global industry standards.

We also stock a varied range of slotted screw head types ranging from the traditional cheese head, to slotted countersunk head screw variants.

Furthermore, to address specific functional or aesthetic needs, we extend additional offerings such as the AccuBlack service for a durable, non-reflective black finish, and pre-applied thread-locking patches to enhance resistance against loosening under vibration or dynamic loads.


Q: What are slotted screws?.

A: Slotted screws, colloquially known as slot headed screws or slot head screws, are a classic screw design that features a linear slot on their head. They are widely employed in a multitude of applications, driven into a mating thread by a simple flat-blade screwdriver.

Q: Why would you use a slotted screw?.

A: Slotted screws are favoured for their operational simplicity, ease of use, and efficient torque transmission. Their adaptability to both manual and automated assembly processes makes them an enduring choice for a diverse range of applications, from simple DIY tasks to complex precision engineering projects.

Q: What is the slot in the screw called?.

A: The slot in the screw is technically referred to as the 'drive'. This linear recess, designed to accommodate a flat-blade screwdriver, is the interface through which torque is applied to the screw, hence driving it into or out of a mating thread.

Q: How do you remove a slotted screw?.

A: To remove a slotted screw, a flat-blade screwdriver of a suitable size is inserted into the head slot. By applying a steady counter-clockwise force, the screw can be unthreaded from its mating component. Care should be taken to ensure the tool fits snugly within the slot, thereby preventing tool slippage and potential damage to the screw or surrounding components. If you think the screw may be damaged, we have an article all about how to remove a stripped screw.

Bespoke Slotted Screws Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Slotted Screws to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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