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Rivet Nuts.

Rivet Nuts

What are Rivet Nuts?

Rivet Nuts, also known as Rivnuts or Nut Rivets, are specialised threaded inserts designed to provide strong, load-bearing threads in thin-walled materials. These versatile components feature a distinctive tubular structure with a flanged head, offering the functionality of a Rivet, while simultaneously incorporating a reliable internal thread. This unique combination makes Rivet Nuts a favourite in precision engineering sectors, providing solutions for a wide range of applications where regular Nuts and Bolts are less feasible.

How Do Rivet Nuts Work?.

Understanding how Rivet Nuts work is crucial to utilising them to their full potential. A Rivet Nut is inserted into a pre-drilled hole in the workpiece and then compressed using a specialised tool. This causes deformation at the unflanged end, creating a large surface area that grips the back of the material securely. This deformation, often referred to as a bulbing or crimping effect, provides substantial pull-out resistance while leaving a fully functional thread intact for the subsequent installation of a Screw or Bolt. This efficient installation process makes Rivet Nuts an effective solution for creating vibration-resistant, secure joints in thin sheet metals.

What Material Are Rivnuts Made From?.

Rivet Nuts are manufactured from a variety of materials to meet specific application requirements. Most commonly, A2 stainless steel Rivet Nuts and A4 stainless steel Rivnuts are utilised due to their corrosion resistance, making them a robust choice for environments where moisture, chemical exposure, or temperature fluctuations might pose a challenge.

What Size and Type Rivet Nuts Are Available.

At Accu, we offer a comprehensive range of Rivet Nuts, with sizes ranging from M3 for precision applications, to larger M12 variants for more demanding, heavy-duty tasks. The thread pitch varies across the range, enabling optimal mating with the corresponding Bolts or Screws. Our full range can also be used as blind Rivet Nuts. These are perfect for applications where only one side of the workpiece is accessible, also known as 'blind' installations, hence the term Blind Nut. Our range primarily features threaded rivet nuts, catering to the most specific engineering demands with precision and reliability.

At Accu, our expertise and commitment to quality guarantee the provision of high-grade precision engineering components. Whether your project requires a single stainless steel Rivet Nut or a bulk order, we ensure optimal solutions to meet your specific needs.


Q: How do you keep Rivnuts from spinning?.

A: To prevent Rivnuts from spinning, correct installation is critical. A properly sized hole and optimal compression can ensure a tight fit. Additionally, Rivnuts with features such as knurled bodies or hexagonal shafts can create extra friction against the material, further resisting spinning.

Q: Can you install a Rivnut without a tool?.

A: While it is theoretically possible to go about installing a Rivet Nut without a specialised tool, it's generally not advised. Utilising a Rivnut tool ensures secure and correct installation, reducing the risk of failure or damage to the workpiece.

Q: How strong are Nutserts?.

A: Nutserts, another name for Rivet Nuts, exhibit impressive strength, but their overall load-bearing capacity depends on the material and the size of the Nutsert. Stainless steel Nutserts, for example, offer superior strength and resilience compared to their aluminium counterparts.

Q: Can you remove a Rivnut?.

A: Removing a Rivnut is possible, but it usually involves using a drill or a grinder, which might risk damaging the material surrounding the Rivnut.

Q: What is the difference between Nutserts and Rivnuts?.

A: Nutserts and Rivnuts refer to the same product – a versatile fastener designed to provide a durable, internal thread in thin or weak materials. The terms are often used interchangeably within the industry.

Bespoke Rivet Nuts Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Rivet Nuts to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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