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Thread Gauges.

Thread Gauges

What are Thread Gauges?

Thread Gauges are used for identification and inspection of the pitch and diameter of various screw threads. Gauges are available to suit almost all worldwide standardised thread types, with a full range of metric and imperial products for use with a range of threads including metric coarse, metric fine, UNC, UNF, BSP, and Whitworth.

Metric coarse threads are among the most commonly used thread types in the world. For more information on metric coarse thread, please see our ISO metric thread lookup table. For more information on thread tolerances, see our ISO Metric Thread Tolerance Tables.

Plug Gauges are divided into two types, Ring Gauges and Plug Gauges. Ring Gauges measure male threads, such as those found on screws, and Plug Gauges measure female threads, such as those found in tapped holes. To measure the diameter of smooth, untapped holes, Plain Plug Gauges should be used.

Ring and Plug Thread Gauges are generally available in two varieties - 'Go' and 'No-Go':

Go Gauges.

Go Gauges are intended to identify conformity with the maximum bound of a particular tolerance, and can identify if a fastener is small enough to fit into a given hole. Go Gauges identify should permit the fastener being tested to fully mesh with the gauge with little-to-no difficulty as mentioned in our What Is Metrology? article.

No-Go Gauges.

No-Go Gauges can identify conformity with the minimum bound of a given tolerance. No-Go Gauges identify when a fastener is too small for a given hole, and should not permit the fastener in question to be installed. If a fastener meshes with a No-Go gauge, then the fastener does not match the thread type which it is being measured against.

Bespoke Thread Gauges Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Thread Gauges to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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