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Screwdriver Kits

Screwdriver Kits

What are Screwdriver Kits ?

Accu's Screwdriver Kits are ideal for fixing electronics such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets and games consoles. The iFixit Screwdriver Kits all come with a magnetised case, doubling as a sorting tray for small screws and all backed by the iFixit Lifetime Warranty. The popular Pentalobe P2 and P5 Screwdrivers can also be purchased separately for applications only requiring these drive types.

Screw Installation Made Easy

These high precision screwdriver sets have rubber handles and a swivel top for maximum comfort and precision when installing or dismantling applications with small screws.

Screwdriver Sets For Each Screw Drive

The Pro Tech Standard Screwdriver Sets contain the standard Flat Head (Slotted) and Phillips Drivers for everyday screw fastening applications.

For more specialist screws, the Pro Tech Speciality Screwdriver Sets contain Pentalobe screwdrivers, along with a Torx and a Tri-Point screwdriver, also known as a Y 0.6mm Tri-Point screwdriver. This speciality driver set includes a P6, P2 and the popular P5 Pentalobe screwdriver which is often needed for laptops.

The iFixit Security Torx Screwdriver Sets include size T6 to T10 security screwdrivers. These sized Torx drivers are often used for game consoles, especially the T9 security torx screwdriver for PS4 controllers and hardware.

Drive Bit Kits

For projects requiring a wider range of drive types and sizes our range of iFixit Driver Bit Sets, including the comprehensive iFixit Manta 112-Bit Driver Kit, provides a versatile solution to applications where various different types of fasteners are in use.

Bespoke Screwdriver Kits Manufacture

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Screwdriver Kits to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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