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Electrical Accessories

Electrical Accessories

What are Electrical Accessories ?

Electrical Accessories

With our wide range of standoffs, cable management accessories, buzzers, lights and sensors for your machine build or refurbishment, Accu's efficient online store allows you to discover and purchase the Electrical Accessories you need with the minimum of fuss.

Popular Electrical Accessories

Threaded Hex Standoffs are our most popular component within this department. Sometimes called PCB standoffs or simply hex standoff they are designed to both separate a printed circuit board (PCB) from a case and, if needed, stack PCB's on top of one another while keeping them a precise distance apart. M2 Standoffs & M3 standoffs are our most commonly bought sizes with nickel plated brass, Stainless steel and zinc plated steel all popular materials.  

In 2022 we split our Hardware category into Electrical Accessories, Assembly Hardware & Finishing Hardware to help keep things organised. It’s not always black and white but we’ve used the following definitions to guide us.

    • Assembly Hardware - Components used to provide essential structural integrity to an assembly without which the assembly would not be fit for purpose.
    • Electrical Accessories - Electrical components such as buzzers, lights, sensors & utility hardware for component installation, insulation or cable management
    • Finishing Hardware - Components that provides additional aesthetic value, usability, security or ingress protection to an assembly but is not integral to the core application.

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Bespoke Electrical Accessories Manufacture

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Electrical Accessories to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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