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T Type Timing Pulleys

T Type Timing Pulleys

What are T Type Timing Pulleys ?

ACCU’s T-Type Timing Pulleys are specially designed to accurately transfer rotary motion between two parallel shafts. T-Type Timing Pulleys are toothed, which allows them to transmit motion without risk of slippage, and without a loss in speed. This range is fully compatible with ACCU's selection of T-Type Timing Belts.

Components such as Spacers or Shim Washers are suitable for calibrating and precisely spacing a Pulley from a given surface.


Timing Pulleys within this range are constructed from Aluminium, making them durable, lightweight, and suitable for a range of applications.

T-Type Timing Pulley Sizing

T-Type Timing Pulleys are available in tooth sizes of T2.5, T5 and T10. This range includes both Pulleys and Bar Stock Lengths, and a range of widths and diameters are available. Further information can be found on each product page.

Bespoke T Type Timing Pulleys Manufacture

High precision, bespoke manufacture of T Type Timing Pulleys to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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