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Precision Screws.

Precision Screws

What are Precision Screws?

Precision Screws are designed for a variety of purposes, though most are primarily intended to fasten two surfaces together. Screws can be used alongside Washers to prevent damage to the target housing, and with Hexagon Nuts to lock the fastener in place from behind. All screws are characterized by an external thread along the shaft, and most feature some type of screw head.

Machine Screws.

Machine Screws are generally manufactured in smaller thread sizes than standard Screws, and are often fully threaded. Machine Screws are often driven into tapped holes, or are used alongside Nuts to fasten components together – though Self-Tapping and Thread-Locked screws are also available. Nuts & Bolts is an expression used by engineers for hundreds of years to describe the fundamental fasteners used to connect an assembly together - bolts being just another type of machine screw.

Accu's Machine Screw Range.

Accu's Machine Screws are manufactured to extremely tight tolerances and are designed to provide accuracy and precision in a range of high-performance applications. Accu offers a standard range of Stainless Steel Screws, as well as ranges in Aluminium, Brass, Nylon, and PEEK. All the components in the Precision Screws range are manufactured in accordance with industry standards.

We offer a wide range of drive types, including socket head and hexalobular (torx), as well as a number of specialist and security drives. All the Screws in our Precision Screws range have a general tolerance of +/- 0.13mm, making them ideal for high-accuracy applications. Higher tolerances of +/- 10 microns are available on request, making Accu an ideal solution for some of the world’s most precision-critical applications. Accu also offers a large range of supporting Thread Gauges for use alongside this range. We also have a guide on 'How To Measure A Machine Screw'

M1 to M20 Metric Thread Sizes.

Accu's metric fasteners range contains thread sizes from M1 to M20. M sizes are the measurement of the outside diameter of a screw’s thread. Metric thread sizes are used predominantly throughout Europe as a modern standard.

No. 0 to 2-inch Imperial Thread Sizes.

Our imperial fasteners range contains thread sizes from No.0 to 2 inches. For a full explanation of imperial conversions and thread sizes, please see our conversions page. Imperial threads are more commonly used outside of Europe and in legacy applications. For more information on imperial thread sizes and metric conversions, please see our UTS Conversion Table.

Popular Ranges.

Cap Head Screws.

Cap Head Screws are one of Accu's most popular products and are widely used throughout the precision engineering industry in a large range of fastening applications. in addition to our standard range of Socket Cap Head Screws, these components are manufactured in a number of variations, including Torx Drive Cap Head Screws.

Captive Screws.

Accu stocks one of the largest standard Captive Screw ranges in Europe. Captive Screws are designed to lock in place after installation with the use of a Captive Washer. These components are commonly used in safety equipment and are required by law on certain products due to directives such as EU Machine Safety Directive 2006/42/EC.

Grub Screws.

Grub Screws do not feature a head, which allows them to be fully driven into a pilot hole. Grub Screws are particularly useful in space-saving designs and small-scale constructions. Grub Screws are also highly versatile, and are available in a range of tip types, such as Nylon Tips are also available.

Left Hand Threaded Screws.

Accu is one of the very few companies in the world that can offer a standard range of left-hand threaded Precision Screws. Our left-hand threaded components are manufactured to our drawings and specifications and have been designed in-house by our own engineers. Left-hand threads are available in metric sizes, from M3 to M20, and are used more commonly in automotive repair and as a safety feature in the storage of flammable gas. Our Left-Hand Threaded Screws are designed for use alongside our range of Left-Hand Threaded Nuts.

Bespoke Precision Screws Manufacture.

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Precision Screws to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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