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The Best Tools For Fastening Applications? Accu Launches Wera Tools Range

Wera tools are easily recognisable from their sleek, distinctive design

Accu has expanded its range of Screwdrivers, Drive Bits and Hand Tools adding a number of innovative and market leading screwdriving tools from established tool manufacturer Wera.

Originally founded in Wuppertal, Germany in 1936, Wera Tools have quickly become a favourite amongst professional engineers, trades people and consumers, thanks to their high quality products and instantly recognisable branding.

Always at the forefront of innovation, believing no one should have to settle for subpar tools, Wera manufactures exceptionally high quality screwdrivers, drive bits and spanners with the aim of challenging existing industry standards and finding solutions to even the most complex fastening problems.

Below is a brief overview of some of the Wera Tools now available from Accu’s highly rated online store, looking at what sets them apart from the competition.


Wera Joker Spanners

The holding function of Wera's Joker Spanners ensures a secure connection to nuts and bolts

Designed to work faster and more efficiently than regular spanners or wrenches, Wera’s range of Joker spanners get their name from the playing card, acting as the trump card hidden up an engineers’ sleeve.

Easily recognisable thanks to their sleek aesthetic, Wera Jokers are manufactured specifically with the user in mind, with their integrated limit stop helping to prevent slippage and offering faster screwdriving with a more secure connection to the nut or bolt head allowing for much greater force to be applied.

The double hex geometry of Joker spanners also ensures a perfect fit with nuts and bolts, further reducing the chance of the fastener slipping out and causing damage within the assembly or injury to the user.

Most conventional spanners will typically give a return angle of around 60°, meaning they have to constantly be turned or flipped over to achieve the appropriate tightening or loosening.

Wera Joker Spanners, on the other hand, feature a small return angle of just 30° with the Joker 6001 Reversible Combination Ratchet Spanners boasting a very small 15° return angle and integrated Switch Lever, allowing for ratcheting in either direction.


Kraftform Screwdrivers 

The Kraftform handle fits comfortably in the user's hand

With their distinctive design which has been optimised over the years utilising the latest technologies, Wera Kraftform Screwdrivers feature an ergonomic handle based around the natural contours of the human hand. 

Sitting comfortably during fastening applications, the Kraftform handle adapts to the muscles of the hand, with easy grip soft zones comfortably enabling high torque transfer whilst also preventing calluses and blisters.

Kraftform Screwdrivers also allow for high speed rotation as a result of the friction-free contact with the handles’ harder gripping zones.

Along with the popular Torx Screwdriver, Accu is also able to supply a range of Kraftform Screwdrivers, including the more specialist drives, such as Pentalobe, Square Drive (Robertson) and Microstix®.

The specialised Lasertip prevents slippage during screwdriving

From precision screwdriving to electronics applications, Accu can supply a range of screwdrivers in both Hardened Steel and vacuum ice hardened Stainless Steel.

The stainless options are specifically designed for fastening and adjusting stainless steel screws, whilst also helping to prevent the issue of extraneous rust. 

This range also includes the Wera ESD-safe micro screwdrivers, with their surface resistance of ≤ 10^9 ohm affording a high level of protection against electrostatic discharge.

Wera Phillips, Pozidriv and Slotted Screwdrivers are also fitted with a specialised Lasertip blade, which utilises a laser engineered microscopically roughened surface to bite into the screw drive, ensuring a more secure fit and significantly reducing slippage.


Drive Bits

Kraftform Screwdriver Handles can be supplied with a flexible shaft for fastening in confined spaces

Wera Drive Bits are designed to fit into the end of a Screwdriver Handle or Electric Drill, with the vast majority of Bits featuring a ¼” retaining hexagon for securing into the screwdriver tool. Other socket sizes are also listed for more specialist bits. 

Standard drive types available within the Wera Bits range include the popular Torx drive, offering increased cam-out resistance and improved torque transmission.

The more traditional Slotted, Phillips and Pozi bits are also sold individually in both Hardened Steel and Wera’s unique vacuum ice hardened Stainless Steel material, which ensures the required degree of hardness.

These Stainless Steel bits are specifically designed to solve the problem of extraneous rust forming - an issue which can commonly occur in screwdriving when using tools manufactured from conventional steel - and are ideal for fastening Accu’s vast array of Stainless Steel Screws.


Allen Keys & Wera Hex Key Sets

Wera's 9-piece Multicolour Hex Key Set is a popular choice for fastening Socket Screws

Also commonly known as L keys, owing to their L shaped design, Wera Hex Keys are designed for installing and adjusting Socket Screws, including Accu’s popular Socket Cap Screw range. The short arm of the tool allows for screws in confined spaces to be fastened more easily, whilst the longer arm provides greater leverage, reach and offers more torque.

Accu can supply both Stainless Steel and High Tensile Steel Allen Keys in individual units and in a multi-coloured 9 piece Hex Key Set which features Wera’s ‘Take it easy’ tool finder system, helping users to quickly and easily identify the correct tool for the job.


Why Buy Wera Tools From Accu?

As an official distributor Accu works closely with Wera Tools UK, maintaining excellent availability of stock, with short lead times on tools manufactured to order. Accu can also provide free technical support and application advice from our engineers, available to all customers.

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