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Cap Head Screws

Metric Cap Head Screws

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Cap Head Screws

What are Cap Head Screws ?

Cap Screws feature a cylindrical head shape, and are commonly used within vehicles, industrial machinery, and tooling. All products within this range are manufactured in accordance with industry standards, and are manufactured using a high-precision machining process to achieve general tolerances of ±0.13mm. Non-standard dimensions and materials are available on request.

These components are sold in a number of unique variations, including fully threaded and partially threaded varieties. For applications requiring an enhanced ability to transmit torque, Torx Drive Cap Head Screws are available, and for installation in limited space, Low Profile Cap Head Screws are also featured in Accu's range of precision screws.

Serrated Socket Cap Screws

These fasteners feature a unique serrated section underneath the screw's head, which aids grip after installation, creating a more secure fastening, and reducing the likelihood of loosening under vibration.

Pilot Recess Cap Screws

The 'Pilot Recess' of a Pilot Recess Cap Head Screw is a cylindrical indent in the centre of the drive point. This unique feature has a range of uses and advantages, including use with specialist tools, or allowing for modification and the creation of tamper-proof drives. An additional application for this feature is to relieve gas buildup, particularly if installed inside a vacuum.

Vented Screws

Accu's Vented Cap Screws are a specialised variant of a DIN 912 Cap Screw. Vented fasteners are specially modified to prevent virtual leaks within vacuums, and feature a central hollow cavity to allow the ventilation of gas and pressure through the fastener's core.


All components within this range are available in a wide range of materials. A full range of A2, A4, and A4-80 stainless steel screws are available. In addition to ranges of Aluminium, Brass, Nylon, and PEEK. Chemical Matte Black finishes and Resin Locking Patches are also available on stainless steel components.

Metric Sizes

These fasteners are available in sizes from M1.4 to M30, and can be manufactured with either partial or fully threaded shafts. The metric variant of this component is available in lengths ranging from 2mm up to 300mm.

Imperial Sizes

Accu's Imperial versions are available in diameters ranging from #0 to 1 inch, and are available in both partial and fully threaded varieties. Imperial Cap Screws are available in lengths ranging from 3/32 inch to 12 inch.

Bespoke Cap Head Screws Manufacture

High precision, bespoke manufacture of Cap Head Screws to customer specification. State of the art facilities specialising in both small batch prototyping and large scale manufacture.

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