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AccuBlack | Specialist Chemical Black Coating Guide.

Our specialist PX-3 chemical blacking process gives our products a durable matte black finish, while retaining all the precision and tensile strength of a standard Stainless Steel component. These components are listed on our online store under the AccuBlack brand.

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Plating And Coatings

Chemical blackening is not a paint or a plating, it is a conversion coating which utilises a chemical reaction to alter the surface finish of stainless steel. The process involves the use of a heated bath of blackening solution which results in the partial conversion of the top layer of the screw into matte black magnetite. As a result, the integrity and accuracy of our components is not altered by this process.

Alternative black finishes, such as painting and plating, add a solid layer to the outside of a product, which can negatively affect both the precise dimensions and surface texture of a part.

What Is PX-3 Chemical Blacking?

Accu’s PX-3 chemical black coating process converts the outermost layer of a component's surface into magnetite to prevent glare and reduce component visibility. Our chemical blacking is ideal for use on automotive, aeronautical and aerospace applications, where reflective glare can be highly dangerous. Our blackened screws, nuts and bolts have even been utilised for military stealth projects.

Can All Accu Components Be Chemically Blacked?

Almost all Stainless Steel Precision Screws and most other Stainless Steel components within the Accu range can be chemically blacked on request. If chemical blacking is not listed as a standard finish on any of our products, please contact our team for pricing.

Lead Times

Please note: the preparation and processing of Accu's PX-3 chemical blackening procedure can add 10 working days or more to the lead time of a product if the blackened version of a component is not held in stock.

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