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Precote 80 Thread Lock Specifications.

Precote 80 is a sophisticated thread-locking adhesive, uniquely designed with microencapsulated acrylates. These microcapsules are a critical component; upon tightening the bolt, they break, releasing the adhesive. This process allows the adhesive to cure only in the presence of metal and absence of oxygen, ensuring a secure and targeted bond.

Designed to operate effectively in extreme temperatures, ranging from -50°C to 170°C, Precote 80 offers reliability in diverse environments. It is a single-use product, maintaining its properties for up to four years at room temperature. This non-reusable nature underscores its commitment to providing a long-lasting, vibration-resistant lock.

Compliance with numerous industry standards such as DIN 267-27, Ford WX 200 WSS M11 P45-A1, and MIL-S-46163, among others, testifies to its versatility and suitability across a broad range of applications. To understand more about thread lock in general, our article "What Is Thread Lock?" provides an in depth look at how these compounds can impact performance in preventing thread loosening.

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Precote 80 Datasheet

Precote 80 Cap Head Screw With Precote 80 Thread Locking Patch.
Material Composition

Microencapsulated Acrylates

Finished Appearance


Operating Temperature

-50°C to 170°C



Shelf Life

4 years at room temperature

Protects Against Corrosion (in the threaded joint)


Expected Use Case

Automotive and Demanding Applications

Time Till Full Strength

24 Hours / 6 Hours @ Room Temperature To Exceed DIN 267-27

Chemical Resistance

Fuels / Oil / Transmission Fluid / Lubricants

Water Resistance

Impervious to Tap and Saltwater

  • Specifications / Performance Standard Compliance
  • DIN 267-27
  • Bendix BW - 291 P
  • BL BLS 22.FP.01
  • BMW DIN 267-27
  • Bosch N38A SR9.3 and N38A SR9.5
  • British Leyland BLS 22. FP.01
  • Chrysler MS-CC76 A+Chrysler MCSD7 PF-6616
  • DIN DIN 267-27
  • Fiat FPW.80104
  • Ford ES 20007- S 100
  • Ford WX 200 WSS M11 P45-A1
  • GM / Opel GME 00151 and GM 6124M
  • GM / Opel GM 6175 M
  • GM / Opel GM 6193 M
  • GM / Opel GM 6194 M
  • IFI IFI 125
  • IFI IFI 525
  • KHD H 2812
  • Magneti Marelli CQ N° 137
  • MIL - S - 46163
  • PSA (Peugeot, Citroen, Talbot)
  • B14 1235
  • Renault 39.02.010
  • Rockwell International Q - 52
  • Rover RES. 22.FP.01
  • Saab Scania STD - 1627 (1508446 SB)
  • Volvo STD 416 - 0001 material number 391285
  • VW DIN 267-27
  • VW 601 05
Application Degree

360 Degrees

Discover Precote 80 Pre-Applied Solutions

Achieving the perfect balance of Precote 80 application is crucial for optimal performance. To avoid the pitfalls of over- or under-application, we offer components pre-treated with Precote 80.

Our dedicated experts meticulously apply Precote 80 to the threads, ensuring an even and consistent 360-degree coverage. This process is conducted under strict quality control measures, guaranteeing the highest standards of application accuracy.

Shop Precote 80 Component Range

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Enhanced Vibration Resistance with Precote 80

In addition to the exceptional properties of Precote 80, our range also includes specialised all-metal locking nuts and a selection of anti-vibration washers. These components, when combined with stainless steel screws treated with Precote 80, substantially enhance the resistance to intense vibration. This combination ensures a more secure and stable assembly, particularly vital in high-vibration environments like automotive and aerospace applications.

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