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Anu-Lok 180 and Precote-80 - Accu’s Newest Threadlocking Solutions

Accu is expanding its range of pre-applied thread lockers to include two new high-performance offerings, Anu-Lok 180 and Precote 80.

These new ranges are designed to complement our existing AccuLock R360 reusable anti-vibration compound and enable customers to specify our products for use in even more demanding applications such as in high-temperature environments. 

These new products are available to purchase instantly across our Socket Cap Head, Torx Button Head and Torx Pan Head Ranges however they can also be applied to virtually any existing component in our shop through our custom manufacturing form.


  • Anu-Lok 180 In Detail
  • Nylok Precote 80 In Detail
  • Comparisons Between AccuLock

Accu Article Highlighter DividerWhat Is Anu-Lok 180?

Anu-Lok 180 Thread Lock on a Cap Head Screw.

Anu-lok 180 (AnuLok) is a reusable nylon patch, with an effect similar to that of a nylok nut. The nylon patch is compressed during installation and compresses to take up space inside the thread form. This compression creates a metal-to-metal contact opposite the patch, acting as a positive resistance to vibration and loosening. The Anu-Lok 180 Patch can be reused and adjusted up to 5 times, after which we recommend you replace the components for ones with a freshly applied nylon patch.

“I would prefer to use Anu-Lok 180 in applications where a removable and re-adjustable threadlocker, with a higher locking force than our AccuLock, is desired. For example in a Bike's handlebar components, a secure fastening is required, but the fastener also may need adjusting after the initial setup.”

Patrick Faulkner

Lead Engineer

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AnuLok 180 Datasheet

To view in-depth data about the prevailing torque of AnuLok along with its operational temperature, shelf life, setting time, chemical resistance and much more, head on over to our help hub to view the AnuLok 180 datasheet in full. 

Accu Article Highlighter DividerWhat Is precote 80?

Precote 80 Thread Lock on a Cap Head Screw.

Nylok Precote 80 is a non-removable, high-strength and high-temperature thread-locking compound. It is a microencapsulated formula, similar to 3M 2353, meaning it is composed of microbeads consisting of two unmixed parts suspended in a drying medium. As the component is installed, these microspheres of the two parts rupture and mix together, setting off a chemical reaction that sets the compound, similar to how a two-part epoxy works. 

What makes the Precote 80 patch unique is that it reaches the required strength of DIN 267 part 27 6 hours after assembly and can be used in temperatures from -50C to 170C.

“I would opt for Precote 80 in applications where a strong mechanical fixing is required, that does not need to be adjusted after use. An example of this would be installing casing bolts or accessory mounts in an automotive application, where the added heat resistance of Precote would be beneficial.”

Patrick Faulkner

Lead Engineer

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Precote 80 Datasheet

To access comprehensive information on the prevailing torque, operational temperature, shelf life, setting time, and chemical resistance of Precote 80, among other key details, please visit our help hub where you can fully explore the Precote 80 datasheet.

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How Do These Compare To AccuLock?

AccuLock Thread Lock on a Cap Head Screw.

AccuLock, composed of methacrylic resins and co-polymers, is well-suited for general-purpose applications with its operating temperature range of -50°C to 75°C. Its burgundy-red colour aids in visual identification during assembly or inspection.

In comparison, AnuLok 180, made from Nylon 11 and distinguishable by its yellow colour, offers a broader operating temperature range of -50°C to 120°C. This makes AnuLok 180 more suitable for environments experiencing higher temperatures, while still providing the essential adjustable thread-locking capabilities. The material properties of Nylon 11 could also offer different chemical resistances compared to AccuLock, potentially making it preferable in specific scenarios.

Precote 80, on the other hand, is characterized by its single-use microencapsulated acrylates and pink colour. Its standout feature is the extensive operating temperature range of -50°C to 170°C, significantly higher than both AccuLock and AnuLok 180. This makes Precote 80 an ideal choice for high-temperature applications requiring robust bonding strength.

While AccuLock is reliable for standard applications, both AnuLok 180 and Precote 80 offer enhanced performance in more extreme temperature environments, with Precote 80 being particularly suited for the most demanding thermal conditions. The closest Precote 80 equivalents would be Loctite Dri-Loc 204, ND microspheres TA800 if you require something similar in a pre-applied fashion.

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Learn More About Thread Lock

As we conclude, we're excited to have introduced you to the latest additions to our range: AnuLok 180 and Precote 80, alongside our trusted AccuLock.

Each of these products brings its unique strengths to the table, catering to a variety of industrial needs and temperature ranges. Whether you require the general-purpose reliability of AccuLock, the higher temperature resilience of AnuLok 180, or the robust high-temperature performance of Precote 80, we have you covered.

For those keen on delving deeper into the world of thread locking solutions, or if you're just starting and wondering what thread lock is all about, our comprehensive article, "What is Thread Lock?" offers a wealth of information. It's the perfect resource to broaden your understanding of thread-locking technology and its critical role in precision engineering.

Applying Threadlock.

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