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Accu Recognised with The King’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade

We’re so thrilled to announce today that Accu has been honoured with the prestigious King’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade, a testament to our outstanding continuous growth in overseas sales over the past six years.

Accu is among the elite 252 organisations nationally recognised this year (2024), demonstrating excellence in enhancing the UK's reputation in the global marketplace.

Founded on the principles of precision and reliability, Accu has become a distinguished leader in the supply of high-quality precision components like screws and nuts.

Our innovative approach and commitment to unmatched customer satisfaction have driven our international success, resulting in remarkable growth and a leading position in the engineering industry.

"Receiving the King’s Award for International Trade is a huge honour. It’s a reflection of all the hard work and dedication of everybody at Accu. It reaffirms our commitment to excellence and our strategy to innovate and disrupt within the traditional engineering industry, all while expanding our global market share"

Alastair Morris

Managing Director (UK)

Head Shot of Alastair Morris Managing Director (UK)

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Reflecting on a Legacy and Looking Ahead

Previously known as The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise, The King’s Awards for Enterprise, were renamed last year to continue the legacy of HM Queen Elizabeth II under His Majesty The King.

Now in its 58th year, the programme is designed to offer the most prestigious business accolade in the country to successful UK businesses at the forefront of their industries. Winners are granted the privilege of using the esteemed King’s Awards Emblem for the next five years, symbolising their proven excellence within their respective fields.

This year, a total of 257 awards have been distributed across four categories: International Trade, Innovation, Sustainable Development and Promoting Opportunity through Social Mobility.

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Accu's Path to Excellence

Accu is a young, ambitious, fast growth business that embraces technology and moves quickly to innovate - with the integration and synergy of AI and IoT in our procurement & manufacturing processes helping us to achieve exceptional customer experience scores.

These advancements have enabled Accu to grow and thrive in a highly competitive global market, all whilst adhering to our net-zero environmental targets and social responsibilities.

Accu would be nothing without its incredibly dedicated team of individuals, all pulling together to show the engineering sector what’s possible when you think outside of the box.

We’ve created a self-directing workplace that cultivates a culture of inclusion and belonging, whilst allowing everyone to bring ideas forward. Additionally, being a member of TeamAccu means that everyone, even our CEO works a 4-day week. Implemented permanently in 2022, without salary reduction, it has formed an important part of our culture.

We believe that this deep respect for our employees’ time and a strong focus on making Accu a great place to work, plays a huge part in our path to excellence. In short, if we’re all happy at work then we’re better equipped to make our customers happy.

TeamAccu Group Photo of Prime Minister Visit.

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How The King’s Award Will Inspire Future Innovation

Accu's recognition with The King’s Award for International Trade marks a significant milestone in our ever growing history. It celebrates our strategic foresight, dedication to innovation and the hard work of the entire team.

As we continue to grow and expand our influence in international markets, we’re proud to inspire excellence both internally, within our company culture, and externally, with our status as a supply chain partner to over half of the world’s top manufacturers.

Whilst we recognise the importance of expanding into overseas markets, we’re proud of the commitment to business innovation and growth in the heart of our home in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, as highlighted by our recent global HQ move seeing us solidify our existing connections within our local community.

This award not only honours past achievements but also sets the stage for future successes, promising continued growth and innovation in the exciting field of precision engineering.

CEO Martin Ackroyd Stood Outside Accu's New HQ.

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