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Along with a growing range of standard Titanium fasteners and tooling, Accu can custom manufacture many of our ranges from Titanium on customer request. Titanium has a number of advantageous properties, including high tensile strength (Grade 5: ≥ 895 MPa), low weight, and excellent resistance to hostile environments.

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High Strength-to-Weight Ratio

Compared to similar metals such as Stainless Steel or Aluminium, Titanium has an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, making it a highly versatile and durable material. These properties make Titanium ideal for applications within the aerospace, military, and oil drilling industries.

Corrosion Resistance

Titanium components are highly resistant to corrosion, which has led to them being used widely in marine environments, alongside chemicals, and even within the human body. Titanium is one of the most widely used materials in prosthetics due to its unreactive nature and high biocompatibility.

Grade 2 Titanium

Grade 2 Titanium is an unalloyed variant of this metal, and is considered to be commercially pure (CP) Titanium grade. The major advantages of Grade 2 Titanium is its excellent corrosion resistance and ease of use in welding. Grade 2 Titanium is often utilised in applications where weldability is an important factor.

Grade 5 Titanium

Grade 5 Titanium is the most widely used commercial grade of Titanium in the world, this grade is also known as an aerospace grade of Titanium. Grade 5 Titanium is alloyed with 6% Aluminium and 4% Vanadium, which provides significantly increased strength when compared to commercially pure Titanium.

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